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Killer Cuomo’s Chrome Rolls

WHAT is going on with Andrew Cuomo? Has he finally been charged for the nursing home MURDERS he committed, or have his Joy Rides ” through SHELTER ISLAND, NY, come back to haunt him? Who is CARIS JAMES? BABY’S ICE CREAM, the oh so creepy establishment…that is NO longer with us!More from McAllister TV.


Put On The Armor Of God

The truth is chipping away at the Deep State’s lies. Put on the armor of God because we are engaged in spiritual warfare! The more we expose, the more likely we will see greater censorship from the Deep State and their Big Tech and mainstream media allies. But there comes a point where they can’t hide the facts any longer. So pray and buckle up! More from And We Know.

Both the FBI and the Eastern District of New York are investigating NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo for lying to Federal authorities about the Covid-19 Nursing Home crisis, Michigan continues to cover up voter fraud and election fraud, Russia blasts Biden’s political and legal persecution of Trump supporters and if President Trump doesn’t return, we may have a DeSantis/Gaetz ticket. More from RedPill78.

The pandemic has left Americans without jobs, Trump signed an Executive Order that allowed Americans to get jobs first. [Joe Biden] is now letting non-citizens to take jobs before Americans. People can see it very clearly now. The [Central Bankers] are now in full swing, pushing the Great Reset. The people will decide between a controlled system or an open and free system controlled by the people. The people have already spoken.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have fallen right into the patriots’ trap. The world is watching. They are watching every move the [Deep State] make and now the truth is starting to emerge. The truth is slow because it is not as shiny as propaganda, but when it emerges it is strong and powerful. The [DS]/MSM are feeling the pressure now because the truth is coming. Trump and the patriots have everything in place. Optics are important. This is about bringing the country together. More from the X22 Report.

Shelter Island human trafficking! Cuomo chrome rolls! There’s even a Satanic Freemason connection! More from McAllister TV.

Long Island Death Camp

Have the rich and famous Leftists of New York been running a death camp on Long Island? McAllister TV explores that possibility. Just like Jeffrey Epstein on Little St. James Island, the rich and famous have a separate and extremely isolated island — Shelter Island — full of preserves and isolated mansions. This island on the eastern end of Long Island is accessible only by ferry boats and private sailboats.

McAllister TV has received a tip that hundreds, if not thousands, of underaged Russian and Ukraine models have been transported to this island and murdered — devoured by the same cast of Leftist assholes who partied with Epstein on his Cannibal Island.

Chris Cuomo, the CNN anchor, has a house on the island. Andrew Cuomo lives nearby, as does George Soros and celebrities including Madonna.

Fewer than 2,500 people inhabit the island. Much of the transport there is via ferry from Greenport, a Suffolk County village.

Here, McAllister introduces the island, while promising to return to this topic for subsequent investigations. We will be following up as well. The violence being pushed by the Left in cities across the United States is but a diversion to draw our attention away from Epstein, his cannibalistic cabal, and how George Soros, his CIA cronies and assorted pedophiles and perverts have indulged in open murders and craven debauchery.

They are an eternal shame to our nation! Those who joined them or aided them in any fashion must all be exposed and punished for their crimes. They do not deserve to be walking among us.

Here is a map of Shelter Island, showing its close proximity to Greenport. Near the Greenport ferry pier, there is a Masonic lodge — Peconic Lodge 349.




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