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They’re Shredding Our Rights

On today’s episode of Red Pill News, we discuss the top five evidence-based methods of election from November, the impending vaccine passport set to strip us of our Liberty and Antifa attacks on Patriots in Oregon. More from RedPill78.

The Suez ship is now free. Also on tap: Satan shoes, vaccine passports, and endless covid nonsense. More from Jordan Sather on this episode of Accordin’ To Jordan.



What’s With The Shoes?

Danish truth seeker and code breaker Ole Dammegard discusses the pivotal role of shoes as a symbol of death used by Globalists to evoke terror. Dammegard says piles of shoes often will be shown outside scenes of mass murders. Or, sometimes, shoes dangling from telephone poles.

Now that the public is catching on about the covert meaning of the shoes, new images are instead being put into play by the Globalists and their mass media mouthpieces in, say, the Associated Press and Reuters. What kind of images? One, for instance: A lone bicycle, crumpled and fallen alongside a porch, alleyway or road.

Dammegard has been looking into conspiracies for many decades. He’s well-known for his contention that the CIA assassinated both John Lennon and Bob Marley, fearing their pacifism.

Here, he talks about the images and signs of conspiracies with American humorist and actor Owen Benjamin. Other signs they discuss:

* Globalists wearing the color purple to show their power. Remember the bizarre vampire-like suits worn by Hillary and Bill Clinton when they made their first appearance after the 2016 election?

* MK Ultra mind control triggers like those on display in the Jason Bourne movies.

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In Europe, Dammegard’s reputation largely hinges on his book Coup D’Etat in Slow Motion, recounting his longtime studies into the 1986 assassination of Olof Palme, the Swedish prime minister. Palme was fatally wounded while walking home from a cinema in Stockholm on Feb. 28, 1986. His wife, Lisbet Palme, survived, but was slightly wounded by a second bullet. For those of you wanting to take a deep dive, here is Dammegard discussing that hitjob.

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Nike Dropkicks Betsy Ross

Here we go again. The demonic Nike has dropped its new Betsy Ross flag shoes because the millionaire injustice monger, Colin Kaepernick, is squealing. The former NFL football player, a veteran loser, proclaimed the shoes represented racism, so he complained about them, leading Nike to drop the new shoe design. When does being a rotten football player stand as qualification to serve as a fashion accessorizer?

Kaepernick, your 15 minutes of infamy was up a long time ago. Nike, you are not only morons, you are satanic and deserve to have all of your shoes burned. More from Bill Whittle.

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Nike nixes Betsy Ross-theme shoes offensive to Colin Kaepernick. You’ll love what states like Arizona are doing about it. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

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