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Michelle Still Playing Race Card

Former First Lady Michelle Obama, arguably one of the most admired women on the planet, has returned to her Old Faithful–the race card. It’s a likely fixture for the First Lady and her husband, President Barack Obama, through the years, despite their fairytale lives.

Both oppose school choice, but attended schools outside the neighborhoods they grew up in. And both their daughters attended private schools. The Obamas went on to attend elite schools of higher learning, Michelle to Princeton and Harvard Law School, and President Obama to Occidental College in LA, and onto the Ivy League’s Columbia and Harvard Law School. They later landed cushy jobs at at Sidley Austin LLP, a prestigious law firm in Chicago, served the country in the White House for eight years and, most recently, purchased a $12.7 million dollar house in Martha‚Äôs Vineyard, within walking distance to the ocean.

Yet to this day, Michelle is still stoking fears about climate change eroding the coast, the dangers of school choice and racial inequality. Similar paths on the Left has steered 95 percent of the African American vote to the Democrat Party in recent elections. But that may be short-lived, says political commentator and talk show host Larry Elder. The Black community is waking up to the disoriented rhetoric and empty promises of the party. Here’s more with Elder, presented by Epoch Times.

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The WeatherMen

In Pursuit of Truth examines the radical Weathermen Underground, how they formed as a group of Communist radicals, operating underground, and now continue to ply the same policies while operating “above ground” as university professors and community activists. This is a fascinating and far-reaching documentary that examines the WeatherMen’s connections with the like of former President Barack Obama, a foreigner who rose through the ranks in the American system with the aid of many Democratic traitors. Chief among them — and exposed for all to see — are the attorneys for the Chicago-based law firm Sidley Austin LLC.

Roger Stone through discovery was trying to prove that Russia did not hack the DNC. The Judge is now saying he violated the gag order. Judicial Watch discovered that Strzok and Page texts show that the mainstream media colluded with the FBI. Trump believes that Obama spied on him via his personal phone. The [Deep State] is being defunded. Trump set up the [DS]. They thought that he was going to strike Iran. This was to catch, monitor and expose the [DS]. Trump showed the world that he is looking for peace and he will not start a war. More from the X22 Report.

Jim Willie returns to SGT Report to discuss Trump, geopolitics, the economy and the four facts the show a gold standard — at at least three times the current gold price — is coming into view.


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