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A Satanic Deep Dive

David Mahoney joins Nicholas Veniamin to discuss Target’s deep dive into Satanism.

Target has always been a left-leaning store, but now they have proven their credentials as a real cesspool for fascists and degenerates.

Listen as Candace Owens shares the rhetoric of Eric Carnell. He’s the Satanic piece of trash who operates the company Abprallen. They designed the “pride” trinkets and tucked swimsuits that have caused such an uproar at Target.Here’s more from Veniamin’s channel NVTV.


Rockefeller-Target Connection

From Cold Spring Harbor to a rack near you. Soon after its origins in Minneapolis as the Dayton Department Store, Target became an extended branch of the House of Rockefeller. More from Really Graceful.

Target Drag Displays Draw Fire

The Internet has been riddled the past week with images and footage of the new “Pride” area in Target. Conservatives pushed back–and it’s working.

We’ve got to keep it up, and focus on what’s happening to baseball, girls’ sports and the classroom. More from Lori Colley.

Target has begun removing some of the offensive Pride items, especially those “targeting” children. It could well be too late, though. Shares of Target stock are dropping, falling more than $4 Wednesday.

Will these leftist companies ever learn to keep their political persuasions to themselves? We don’t like their politics, nor do we need to shop at any of their outlets. More from The Quartering.

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