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Another Trump Advisor Arrested

The fake, illegally constituted January 6th Select Committee takes another political prisoner in America’s scary new landscape with the arrest and indictment of Peter Navarro. An economist and author, Navarro served as an assistant to President Donald Trump, as well as director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

Devin Nunes, the current CEO of Truth Social, says the Department of Justice going after Peter Navarro is “Nazi-style Stalinist crap.”  We’d call that an accurate assessment of the fake President Joe Biden and his Fascist regime.

Doom For Yuval, Sussmann

Blessed To Teach host, Rick Rene, reports that Yuval Noah Harari and Michael Sussman are not out of the woods just yet, as many on the dark side still believe.

Rene says some stunning prophecies from Julie Green reveal that Harari, transhumanist and advisor to Klaus Schwab, will pay for his blasphemy of God’s creation with his life. Harari and Schwab, of course, are prominent members of the global reset. Sadly, Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have referred to Harari as a “prophet.”

Green adds that Sussman’s celebration of his acquittal will be short-lived, as he will go down in a big way, along with everyone around him. Rene brings us the details, plus a report on skyrocketing gun sales in America, which have topped one million for 34 consecutive months.

Pirate Of Silicon Valley

Elon Musk is raising the stakes, launching a hostile takeover of Twitter. He’s putting the Deep State between a rock and a hard place.

No doubt, the censor-pushing goons who run Twitter will resist his offer. But how will they defend their actions with Twitter shareholders? More from The Salty Cracker.

Whatever happens with the Musk offer, it’s hilarious to see all of the Leftist meltdowns. These are people who can’t win debates. They can only stack the decks and push their rabid censorship.

Hopefully, they’ll be left decimated at Twitter, so much so that their Leftist counterparts at Facebook and Google/YouTube will read the handwriting on the wall and stop acting like such fascist pricks.  Here, Paul Joseph Watson reviews the leftist meltdowns over Musk.

She’s A Prophet Or A Parrot?

What’s with Chrystia Freeland mouthing every word of Justin Trudeau’s hypocrisy speech? More from Paul Joseph Watson.

The Real Dr. Evil

RenaudBe exposes the real Dr. Evil, Yuval Noah Harari, transhumanist and top advisor to equally sinister Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. These sickos are perhaps the most prominent members of the fascist, globalist pedo reset and transhumanist agenda.

Conducting what amounts to Satanic conferences worldwide, Schwab and Harari continue to spew what they believe is a seismic breakthrough in human engineering. Speaking at a recent conference, Harari said, “If indeed we succeed in hacking and engineering life, this will be not just the greatest revolution in the history of humanity, this will be he greatest revolution in biology since the very beginning of life.” Sadly among the “sheep” who have attended some of the disturbing conferences are fake Command in Chief Joe Biden and actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Here’s more from Renaud Bedard.

Rage On Behalf Of The Regime

Shilling in the name of. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

But there is good news on the horizon. More celebrities, even some in Hollywood, are beginning to speak out against Neil Young and his senile band of fascists. Here, Lauren Chen discusses this emerging backlash, involving individuals as diverse as Elon Musk and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Will all of these individuals become conservative idols? Doubtful. But at least they are calling for an end to the wanton “wokeism” and “cancel culture” that the Left wants us all to endure.

Oligarchs On Borrowed Time

Harley Schlanger returns to SGT Report with some PhD level analysis of geopolitical events, including the recent goings on in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The oligarchs — the same companies and rich fat cats who supported the Nazis and Fascists of WWII — are on borrowed time. They are growing desperate to retain their power as more people have become wise to these evil creeps.


Distract, Distress, Destroy

Are we about to go to war? In this episode, we discuss the broader implications of the crisis in Ukraine and why Ukraine is so coveted by all sides.

MIT scientist says vaccines can be connected to neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Also, the Department of Justice continues to actively pursue politically motivated ends in searching for more individuals to connect to the events of Jan. 6, and much more news from JustInformed Talk.

Go Outside, Get Some Vitamin D

Australia’s government seems to be backing down in the face of major anti-Faucist protests. They’re belatedly admitting zero case loads are unachievable. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Indiana Schools Pushing Porn

This is the condensed version of every speaker who spoke earlier this week during the Carmel Clay School Board meeting from Carmel, an Indianapolis, Indiana, suburb. Warning: The materials from the books they are reading are explicit and these books are readily available in the Carmel Clay Schools. Share with your fellow parents since a great majority of parents have no idea that obscene materials of this nature are in front of their minor children.

Books read include: 1. Call Me Max 2. l8r, g8r 3. It’s Perfectly Normal 4. doing it right 5. Crank 6. the infinite moment of us

The questions we have: Why are the schools teaching pornography? Why are the board members so hostile and fascist in supporting this pornography? Are schools in your neighborhood using these same books in classrooms? You owe it to your children to find out. More from Unify Carmel.

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