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War For America Intensifies

The battle being waged on the American people and for the soul of our country is reaching tremendous intensity. People are fighting to protect drag queens—not children. Pornographers want to become politicians, and politicians are pushing to legalize child pornography.

On the national level, we have an administration that is persecuting their political enemies while they decimate our economy and national security. From one end to the other, America is in deep trouble. And even though Republicans announced they will begin an impeachment inquiry on President Biden—a day after he unfroze $6 billion for Iran—we wonder if it’s too late to stop the ship from sinking. Here’s more from Lori Colley.

He’s A Man (Mulan Parody)

Have you ever questioned whether someone is a man or a woman? We all have!

But something that’s NOT in question is that the featured gentlemen in this video are made of 100% certified manflesh. Enjoy (and I use that term lightly) this Mulan parody at your own peril.

WARNING: Do not allow children to view this video. Despite us being labeled a “comedy website,” this may very well be the least funny thing you’ll see all week. More from The Babylon Bee.

What A Strange Week

Something strange happening in the United States (always). Really Graceful offers a new weekly wrapup. This week she covers BRICS, Joe Biden claiming ownership of our kids, new 9-11 footage and a drag queen baring her tits on the White House lawn, among other stories.

Target Drag Displays Draw Fire

The Internet has been riddled the past week with images and footage of the new “Pride” area in Target. Conservatives pushed back–and it’s working.

We’ve got to keep it up, and focus on what’s happening to baseball, girls’ sports and the classroom. More from Lori Colley.

Target has begun removing some of the offensive Pride items, especially those “targeting” children. It could well be too late, though. Shares of Target stock are dropping, falling more than $4 Wednesday.

Will these leftist companies ever learn to keep their political persuasions to themselves? We don’t like their politics, nor do we need to shop at any of their outlets. More from The Quartering.

Criminals Are Being Exposed!

Criminals at the highest levels of the federal government, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken, are now being exposed! Will we see mainstream media tribunals? False flags, Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein, drag. Pray! More from And We Know.

Why Do You CARe So Much???

The experts of not caring about things who don’t concern them wonder why you aren’t as stoic as they are. More from FreedomToons.

The Deep State’s Final Moves

News unlocks the Deep State’s final moves. We are far inside the storm. More from And We Know.

End Drag Queen Story Hour

This is how the revolution begins. FreedomToons gives us a succinct lesson in how to end drag queen story hours — forever!

The Deep State’s Sneaky Plans

The [Deep State] is covering their lies with more lies. The balloon agenda exposed them all and the people are seeing the truth.

Trump is a proxy President. The patriots are in control. He has turned the tables on them.

The [Deep State] is now prepping to sneak one. If [Joe Biden] announces he is running, they will remove [Kamala Harris] and bring in another person. This is going to get interesting. Buckle up. More from the X22 Report.

YouTube Brainwashing Children

The Podcast of The Lotus Eaters tees off on social media giant YouTube for the content they are exposing children to. Makes you wonder what all the leftist platforms teach our kids.

The Lotus Eaters’ Josh Ferme says his research revealed that YouTube content is basically grooming children on LBGTQ propaganda. Think drag queens, gay fairy tales and a specific channel titled Queer Kid Stuff. Pretty disgusting! Here’s more with the Lotus Eaters.

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