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Trump Fires Truth Missiles

Full speed ahead! Former President Donald Trump speaks in Phoenix, Ariz., and fires a volley of truth missiles. So much exposed in just a few hours. Also, worldwide protests against the lockdowns! People everywhere are fed up with the Deep State lies and manipulations. Pray! More from And We Know.

Bix Weir & Chris Marcus join the SGTReport to discuss upside down world and our moral obligation to resist tyranny and the devil’s schemes.

McAllister TV and Dilara Esengil continue their weekend discussion Into The Unknown. How dumb can Libtard parents be? Need proof? See how many of them take their children to disgusting Dragtime story events at local libraries. Also in this video: More shape-shifting freakazoids! Do some of them have snouts? Also, Tom Cruise, the Nubby Man!

Meltdown In Maricopa

“Why, yes, I won the poker match. No, you can’t see my cards. Stop subverting the poker game. Prepare to defend your poker hand in court.”
-Literally Maricopa County

(Warning: Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is presented by Louie Anderson in Drag.)

More on the Arizona election audit from RazorFist.

Louie Anderson as Christine Baskets

Drag Queen Pedo Hour!

WHERE does it end? Judges, holding “DRAG QUEEN STORY TIMES” at school…while storing caches of CHILD PORN on his computer? CABAL CARDS from the Q Mega Meme Server! Obama! Pelosi! Maxine! No Name John McCain! What secrets do they hold? More from McAllister TV.

Fredo Busted!

Celebrities reading stories online for your children? Even drag queens from RuPaul’s television show. Yes, you, too, can support the celebrities as they support themselves during the coronavirus pandemic. You can even pay thousands for Justin Bieber to come to your home and sing you a song! But what about Fredo, i.e. Chris Cuomo? Is he really in isolation like he says? Apparently not! More from Mark Dice.

Desmond Is Disturbing

Here, Blaire White examines the disturbing truth surrounding “Desmond Is Amazing,” the 12-year-old drag queen. It’s difficult to say which is worst: The obnoxious drag queens that surround this kid or his delinquent Liberal parents, who exhibit no ability whatsoever to protect or raise their child.

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Moral Inversion

Library to target children under 5 for Drag Queen story hour. More from Ramzpaul.

Drag Queen Super Bowl

Drag queens are scheduled to appear at today’s Super Bowl. Meanwhile, a pro-life ad has been banned. Is this because football fans are creeps or because the network running the Super Bowl, Fox, is run by Satanists pushing a Leftist agenda? More from Vincent James of The Red Elephants.

Don’t Drag Kids

Finally, a drag queen we can respect. Listen to Kitty Demure, who bills him/herself as a conservative and opposes the idea of putting drag queens into libraries to “entertain” children at story time. This goes to prove: Even some drag queens are capable of thinking straight! We wholeheartedly approve. More from Jamie Dlux.

TRANSformation Of America

Corey from Corey’s Digs joins SGTReport to uncover the real agendas behind the TRANSformation of America.

When parents in one school objected to sexually explicit indoctrination of their students by bringing in drag queens to teach cosmetology class, one teacher took it upon himself to write that parents should not have the final say in the raising of their children. Who really has the right and responsibility of setting the moral code for your kids? You? Or the state? You’d be surprised. David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report.

Roman Polanski Accused Again

The disgusting, child-raping friend of Whoopi Goldberg — the disgraced fugitive film director Roman Polanski — has been accused of rape once again, this time by a French actress. Vincent Vendetta covers the charges in his weekend show, which also delves into: Emma Watson, Don Jr. on The View and Brexit (which still hasn’t happened). News Articles include: The Traitor who became a Sir (The Crown & Sir Anthony Blunt). Swedish Government funding Drag Queen Project. Warning! This show may cause snowflakes to melt!

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Pressure is building for President Donald Trump to fulfill a campaign promise to crack down on pornography. This follows a new study showing porn not only ruined the patriarchy, but destroyed the West. More from Vincent James of The Red Elephants.


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