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Transhumanism! Jewel DNA!

QAnon: Future Proves Past! They are transhuman!  The Black Awakening! False flag sacrifices! Reptilian Jewel DNA! Shapeshifting Zuckerberg! Military complex! Secret space program! They eat children! More from McAllister TV.

There are giant corporations that sell humans as slaves! They monetize human DNA and create transhuman assets! Physically modified cyborgs! Reptilian shapeshifters in high places! Secret space program! They breed humans for food! More from McAllister TV.


White Hats’ Plan On Track

Rest assured that President Trump and the White Hats are sticking to their plan to save America. They are well on their way to draining the swamp worldwide and are squarely focused on taking down the big dogs. “We’re in a war,” says Martin Brodel.

And unfortunately, in every conflict there are casualties. People are still getting hurt, losing businesses, even losing their lives. Brodel says that with the White Hats on the move, we the people need to make our own plan to stay safe, especially in our metropolitan cities, for danger lurks everywhere.

In the following segment, Brodel also reports that medical experts worldwide have all the evidence they need to convict members of WHO and CDC, how the Red Cross is refusing to take blood from the vaccinated and discusses why politics does not belong in sports.

The Clintons And Haiti

Here’s a documentary that examines the Clintons and the evil role they have played in Haiti, focusing on the corruption exemplified by the Red Cross. Are there any large charities that actually do what they proclaim to do, or all just as malleable and as sinister as the Red Cross? More from Alice Down the Rabbit Hole.

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Patriots Paint The Targets

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now pushing everything they have. If that doesn’t work, they will push a False Flag. The patriots have now painted the targets. They are locked on. Boom week coming.  This is just the beginning. Those who committed treason will be held accountable. More from the X22 Report.

We are winning the information warfare, despite the best efforts of the mainstream media. Join me for a review of top Q posts from Monday and Tuesday–exposing the lies and how the TRUTH is becoming victorious!! More from Lori Colley.

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In a new video called Black Sky, In Pursuit of Truth challenges the Washington Post, which is pushing the notion that wearing face masks will become a regular thing across America. Why are these Deep State enablers trying to frighten us all and steal our freedoms again, like they did after 9-11? Does the Deep State want us permanently banished from the streets and forced into our homes? What kind of world is this nonsense?

Here, we see how Facebook is now cracking down on Q-Anon groups. As we know, they’ve gotta adhere to the Democratic Party line, same as Google/YouTube, Twitter and the other scum social media outfits! None of them ever really supported free speech and thought. They just wanted to push more DARPA baloney down the throats of more blind sheep! We agree with IPOT. It’s the ratty-assed, anti-American General Stanley McChrystal who looks inauthentic to us, not any Q-Anon groups!

These social media giants like Facebook can no longer argue they are private platforms — not when they are awash in DARPA money. Time to show the connections and insist they operate like public utilities, not like private publishers. The censorship is not just affecting conservatives anymore. There are sports and fashion channels getting dogged and docked by the likes of YouTube.

Can we expect an incoming gift from the [RedCross]? Is the Red Cross an elaborate money laundering outfit for the Deep State?  TruReporting delves into the latest Q posts, and wonders how much we can uncover using the software tool Ghidra. Why is the Punisher symbol becoming so prevalent? A foreshadowing of what is to come, perhaps?

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Dr. Dave Janda joins the SGTReport to discuss the tyranny in Michigan and President Trump’s plan to expose the evil of evil doers for the American public and whole world to SEE.


Farm Work

In Pursuit of Truth takes a closer look at retired Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the former commander of US troops in Afghanistan, now coordinating a campaign called Defeat Disinfo aimed at President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

What role, if any, did McChrystal play in the friendly fire death of Pat Tillman, the National Football League professional who left sports to enlist in the aftermath of Sept. 11, being killed in Afghanistan? How is McChrystal able to use technology created by DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Pentagon’s secret research arm?

Here, IPOT explores the death — more likely murder — of journalist Michael Hastings, a Rolling Stone investigative reporter who died in a fiery car crash in 2013. It’s long been suspected that the CIA ordered him slain, and hacked remotely into his vehicle causing him to crash into a palm tree. Wikileaks’ release of information from Vault 7 indicated the CIA had mastered the ability to hack into vehicles to carry out “undetectable assassinations.”

Hastings – a vocal critic of government mass surveillance – had sent an email to colleagues and friends just 12 hours earlier, telling them he was onto a “big story” and was under investigation. The Buzzfeed and Rolling Stone contributor, 33, wrote: “The Feds are interviewing my ‘close friends and associates.'”

Also here: Why is Nancy Pelosi blocking investigations into the Chinese coronavirus origins? Why did Barack Obama chose Renegade as his US Secret Service codename? Looks like Q is suggesting a CIA — or clown — background for Mr. Hussein in the Membrane Obama.

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The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have now unleashed everything they have to keep everything locked down: Killer hornets, mutations and more is most likely on the way. Look out for an event to put fear into the people. The patriots’ plan is now working. The trap has been set. Flynn’s case moves ahead. The Judge will be making a determination soon. Q drops more bread. The revolution has begun. The time has come to let the people see another aspect of the [Deep State]. More from the X22 Report.

The Democrats’ sick game plan is coming to light. Information warfare! Also in this edition: Red Cross corruption. Will the Democrats try to sneak in a new Presidential candidate? Also, watch as Maria Bartiromo takes down Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C, who has offered cover for the Deep State for many years now as head of the Senate Intelligence Committee.  No longer acceptable, Sen. Graham! -More from And We Know.

Looking back on the Jan. 24, 2017 interview of Gen. Michael Flynn, we can see he knew exactly what was happening. Covington & Burling are withholding key evidence that involves Eric Holder. Pelosi is blocking an investigation of the Wuh@n situation. DARPA tech to be used against supporters of POTUS.  FBI Director Christopher Wray asked for evidence in the plot to frame Gen. Flynn. More from RedPill78.

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Public awakening truly is their greatest fear. This is why the social media platforms are moving in lockstep to push censorship. This is why they used the coronavirus to isolate us in our homes and try to block us having any commerce or communication with our fellow citizens. They mean to bury us and destroy our great nation. Now, we must stand up to protect our country as well as our freedoms and our heritage. More from Craig Mason.


The Lindsey Riddle

Serial Brain 2 presents “Iran, Bolton and the Lindsey Riddle.” This is part 1. At least one other video will follow. Here, we begin to see the corruption that accompanied Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s nuclear deals with Iran. Much of the agitation we’ve seen from Iran isn’t coming from the proper military and political leadership of the country, but instead is blowback from rogue forces, aimed at hiding this corruption. What are they hiding? CIA shenanigans under Operation Merlin, illegal sale of oil, transfer of technology and child trafficking, through the Red Cross.

She’s evil and on the loose! H.P. Lovecraft!!! All of them witches! More from McAllister TV.

Destroying the Illusion says the Ukraine whistleblower story is another fake news extravaganza, same as the lame, legacy media has made into its specialty these days. Otherwise, this video delves into the Flynn case, Jeffrey Epstein, vaccines and the New York Times pushing UFOs.

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