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Burnin’ For Burma, Part II

How does the military coup in Myanmar relate to John McCain? Did you know McCain had a dog named “Burma?” What was the point of that? In Pursuit of truth has been circling around these waters for many years, drawing connections and showing how the many “dog Tweets” we have been seeing from politicians and media executives really have nothing to do with man’s favorite pet. Instead, what we’re seeing is code talk for some mighty dark, deep secrets, some of which IPOT explains here.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media overlooked the Space Force. They believe it is not important, it is not a threat. This is exactly what the patriots wanted. The Space Force is the command center for cyber warfare. The patriots have it all. They already have the evidence. They are now building public opinion. Trump will make his move when the time is right and it’s almost time. More from the X22 Report.

Comms are coming in from all over the place. So much is now occurring it’s difficult to tie the pieces together, keep up or even begin to explain what’s happening. And We Know makes a valiant attempt, covering everything from the Amazon resignation of Jeff Bezos to President Donald Trump’s support for the U.S. Space Force. Also, learn about Bumblehive, the code name for the Utah Data Center, where intelligence is gathered to protect the nation from internal harm as well as armed attack from abroad.

McAllister TV visits Michigan, being run into the ground by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who does remind us so much of Cruella DeVil. The Michigan Supreme Court has swatted Whitmer by striking down her unconstitutional coronavirus virus orders. We’re sure she will fight them. That’s all that scag ever does.

Otherwise, the rancid Standard Hotel in West Hollywood is shutting down “indefinitely.” We have previously covered long-standing allegations that the Standard Hotel has served as a backdrop for illicit sexual parties, sometimes involving pedophilia.  Meanwhile, gun sales continue to surge. No one apparently trusts President Joe Biden’s regime!

Biden’s news Secretary of Defense purges scores of Trump loyalists from the Pentagon just days after taking power, Jen Psaki disses Space Force but in that throwaway statement is some real meat and a clue to the future of the Republic, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors delay the State Senate yet again and defy their subpoena orders, risking jail time, DeSantis tells it like it is regarding Tech censorship and Myanmar examined a little closer. All is not as it seems.. More from RedPill78.

Die Like A Dog

In Pursuit of Truth, newly exiled from Twitter purgatory, covers the death of the infamous ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The cowardly terrorist dragged three of his own children to their death.  In Pursuit of Truth delves into the sordid details, focusing on the many “dog” and “puppy” references, as well as Baghdadi’s tunnel-filled compound.

Author, Screenwriter, YouTuber and Hollywood whistle blower Tiffany FitzHenry joins the SGTReport to discuss the Deep State, the fallen state of the world – and those who sit atop all of it.

The [Deep State] has just been hit hard. They are getting ready to run and others might be contemplating other decisions. McCabe dropped his lawsuit. You cannot fight against the truth. Trump made a major announcement that Baghdadi was killed. This was a message to the the [DS]. The patriots have secured highly sensitive documents that will show the origins and the plans of the IS. These will be needed for the trials of the [DS]. Timing is everything. More from the X22 Report.

Is former CIA Director John Brennan MIA? ISIS down — its leader Al Baghdadi killed, “like a dog, like a coward.” Otherwise, McAllister TV covers the pagan history of Halloween!

The Dogged Pursuit

In Pursuit of Truth engages in pursuit, of a dogged nature, into recurring words, phrases and alphabetical sequences appearing in the online messages of some key Democratic candidates — including Elizabeth Warren — and the “renegade” Republican John McCain. Is there some sort of message behind the madness, a dog whistle, so to speak? It is interesting to study the breaking news that happens around the same times as these “messages,” whether they are veiled or not.

We also offer this video’s followup — Dog Eat Dog — which carries on the dog metaphors and hammers them home, all the way to Burma.


Nancy Pelosi stammers through her news conference. The end is near. Now we know exactly why President Donald Trump wanted Pelosi as House Speaker. Enjoy the show. More from SerialBrain2.

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Back in 1994 BC, Joe Biden pushed the crime bill — a complete disaster. Trump reversed the crime bill. Obama snooping on journalist is worse than originally thought. District Judge Rudolph Contreras, who recused himself from Flynn’s case, is involved in multiple FISA abuses. Joe DiGenova pushing disinformation or real information? His job:  Throw off the [Deep State]. He says a war is coming between the patriots, truth and propaganda. Steele will not testify, will not cooperate. The patriots have their weapon on the ready. The patriots are ready to unleash it, and when it is unleashed, it will bring the country together. More from the X22 Report.

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Why is Sebastian Gorka always attacking Q, calling him garbage and bollocks? Is he really deadset against Q or actually a White Hat, just playing a game? Jordan Sather explores the possibilities in this episode of Destroying the Illusion. He also touches upon: Michael Flynn, FISA, UFO disclosures and censorship of the mainstream media by Amazon.

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