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Burnin’ For Burma, Part II

How does the military coup in Myanmar relate to John McCain? Did you know McCain had a dog named “Burma?” What was the point of that? In Pursuit of truth has been circling around these waters for many years, drawing connections and showing how the many “dog Tweets” we have been seeing from politicians and media executives really have nothing to do with man’s favorite pet. Instead, what we’re seeing is code talk for some mighty dark, deep secrets, some of which IPOT explains here.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media overlooked the Space Force. They believe it is not important, it is not a threat. This is exactly what the patriots wanted. The Space Force is the command center for cyber warfare. The patriots have it all. They already have the evidence. They are now building public opinion. Trump will make his move when the time is right and it’s almost time. More from the X22 Report.

Comms are coming in from all over the place. So much is now occurring it’s difficult to tie the pieces together, keep up or even begin to explain what’s happening. And We Know makes a valiant attempt, covering everything from the Amazon resignation of Jeff Bezos to President Donald Trump’s support for the U.S. Space Force. Also, learn about Bumblehive, the code name for the Utah Data Center, where intelligence is gathered to protect the nation from internal harm as well as armed attack from abroad.

McAllister TV visits Michigan, being run into the ground by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who does remind us so much of Cruella DeVil. The Michigan Supreme Court has swatted Whitmer by striking down her unconstitutional coronavirus virus orders. We’re sure she will fight them. That’s all that scag ever does.

Otherwise, the rancid Standard Hotel in West Hollywood is shutting down “indefinitely.” We have previously covered long-standing allegations that the Standard Hotel has served as a backdrop for illicit sexual parties, sometimes involving pedophilia.  Meanwhile, gun sales continue to surge. No one apparently trusts President Joe Biden’s regime!

Biden’s news Secretary of Defense purges scores of Trump loyalists from the Pentagon just days after taking power, Jen Psaki disses Space Force but in that throwaway statement is some real meat and a clue to the future of the Republic, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors delay the State Senate yet again and defy their subpoena orders, risking jail time, DeSantis tells it like it is regarding Tech censorship and Myanmar examined a little closer. All is not as it seems.. More from RedPill78.

Swampy Epstein Associations

Amazing Polly offers an update on some swampy Epstein associations, such as a Portland State University president who accepted a free trip to Bohemian Grove from a wealthy real estate executive, Also, we get a glimpse of Andre Balacs, the owner of the Standard Hotels, who thinks it’s acceptable to poke his fingers or hands up women’s vaginas. This is a man who obviously embraced the slogan: “Grab  ’em by the pussy.” There sure are a lot of corrupt officials and perverts running around, just begging to be arrested!

Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz talks about his response to a smear article on him by the New Yorker. We have no doubt New Yorker is engaging in a smear job. It’s just another lying Lefty rag. At the same time, Dershowitz has dug his own grave as a close associate and defender of Jeffrey Epstein. If Dershowitz followed in Epstein’s footsteps and raped children, then Dershowitz needs to go to jail and accept punishment for his crimes.

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While Billionaire Financier Jeffrey Epstein awaits trial on charges of pedophilia and child sex trafficking, he was recently found injured in his jail cell. Was it attempted suicide or was he attacked? And if so, by whom? Meanwhile, a federal judge is set to release 2000 pages of documents so damning that very powerful people including the Clintons would have good reason to want Epstein to never make it to trial. David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report!



Epstein Puzzle Pieces

Amazing Polly takes us on a cruise. We explore the many Caribbean connections and links to Jeffrey Epstein. Describing this video, she says, “I go through Jeffrey Epstein connections & some swamp creatures who have not yet been officially connected but I suspect will be someday. .. more…Includes Snorkeling Cruises for kids, the UK, Trinidad & Tobago, ISIS, Bunkers, Standard Hotel, Abramovic and more! PS: If you hate Q that’s your own problem. I don’t. 🙂 xx”

Here is a second take on Jeffrey Epstein, Mossad and the Deep State. Ex-CIA officer Robert David Steele shares his “nine veils” surrounding Epstein with Dustin Nemos. We don’t always buy everything Steele discusses, but we share his distrust of the mass media (what he calls “the Google Gestapo”). Also, he serves as a bridge, trying to connect Trump with dissidents of varying beliefs, ranging from Libertarian John McAfee to former US Rep. Cynthia McKinney, who served from the Green Party representing a district in Georgia.

Here is a second Robert David Steele interview with the X22 Report. Some of it repeats what you’ll see above, but he offers much more elaboration and detail here. He says arrests will come, ahead of the election. Here, he learn how Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, Mossad agent Robert Maxwell, had a program called Promise. It’s a backdoor program that would be inserted into computers and provide advance information on business deals and transactions, so those using the program could gain vast fortunes through stocks and other financial deals.

Trump Sends A Message

Pelosi pushes resolution in the House, while she violates the rules. The [Deep State] is getting ready to push their real candidate out. Investigative reporters dig deep into Rep. Omar’s past. [PP] is in the news. Another part of the Witch Hunt comes to end, Judge orders all information made public. Flynn is back in the news and something very interesting just happened. Schiff tells Big Tech they better have a plan to deal with the deep fake videos. Trump sends a message and trolls the Squad. More from the X22 Report.

Epstein Island! Mount Hermon! The Standard Hotel. More from McAllister TV.

We all are growing sick of The Squad. These radical chicks of color, who hate America and all it stands for, are painting the Democrats as a party of division and doom.  Burn in hell, George Soros, for inflicting these obnoxious dumbasses on us.  Very obvious: We not only need to build The Wall, but pretty much close the gate. More from In Pursuit of Truth.

SerialBrain2 returns with a followup on how President Donald Trump has retaken control over the chemtrails. Much more is revealed here, including the spectacular Beast to Air Force One Riddle.

Prepare for Big Arrests

Dustin Nemos says the trend is good. The public is becoming aware of the human trafficking that occurred during the Obama years. Do no be surprised if there’s a big arrest, say, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Nemos appears here on the X22 Spotlight.

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David Zublick says underage girls are still being procured for Jeffrey Epstein. An alleged journalist, whose last name is synonymous with a family involved in activities which harm innocent young children and teens, pens a piece trashing QAnon’s attack on Rachel Chandler. Chandler runs a seemingly legitimate Midland modeling agency and works as a fashion photographer. But she is in reality connected with Bill Clinton and is said to be currently involved in finding underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein and his Lolita Express flights.

(PS: You only need watch the first 13 minutes of this hour-plus piece. All of the news is loaded up front, followed by commercials.)

McAllisterTV continues with part two of its piece, “What Happened At That Hotel?,” exploring rumbles of scandal  at Los Angeles’ Standard Hotel involving dirty U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif.

Trump is now putting off the new health care plan. Congress is not with him and he needs to drain the swamp first. Biden is having trouble. Accusers are coming forward, but this is not his only problem. FBI refuses to hand over the emails from CNN when they conducted the raid on Roger Stone. The [DS] wants the full Mueller report. They need something on Trump and they believe it’s in the report. They are going to be very surprised when they receive the report. Mexico steps up and shuts down the caravan. Trump exposes the D’s. A Chinese woman was able to get into Mar-a-Lago, she was carrying a computer and thumbnail drive. More from the X22 Report.

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The origins of the Mueller Report are dirty and treasonous. Now that the report has been concluded, it’s time to look into how it got started, who pushed for it, and what shenanigans they had in mind. More from RedPill78.

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The Standard Hotel Mystery

RedPill78 explores the many baffling questions surrounding the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles. Why does its owner, Andre Balazs, spend so much time hanging around with Marina Abramowitz, the Spirit Cooking artist? What has attracted Rachel Chandler so often to the premises? Was Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., involved in  a scandal on the premises? What compelled the hotel staff to dump a few barrels of muriatic acid from the premises?

(Please note: The original RedPill78 video has vanished off YouTube. Apparently, Google/YouTube has censored it, not because it was false but because it told the truth and Google/YouTube always shies away from telling the truth. They would rather 500,000 kids disappear off the planet than one pedophile murderer be charged and implicated. Shame on you, tube!

In the absence of the Red Pill78 video, we offer one from McAllister TV also concerning the mysterious doings at the Standard Hotel.)


Lori Colley delves into similar issues, focusing more on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedo” island in the Caribbean.  She calls this “the video I didn’t want to make (but you need to see).”

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The Standard Hotel Mystery

McAllisterTV veers down a rabbit hole to explore the nefarious goings-on at the Standard Hotel. That’s the hotel in Adam Schiff’s district in Los Angeles that has been connected repeatedly to spirit cooking and cannibalistic rituals. Was a young woman sacrificed there, in Rm. 325? A woman who had seemingly been “befriended” by former President Barack Obama? Why exactly was he seeing this same woman, year after year, when she was 10, 11, 12? Why was his hand bandaged, with a cut seemingly on his third finger? How does this mystery connect with NXIVM — the sex-bondage charlatans in upstate New York? Lots to explore here, so dive in and be prepared for a deep, deep dive.


Standard Hotel, Epstein Island

McAllisterTV revisits two of the hotspots of potential sex trafficking — the Standard Hotel in Liddle Adam Schiff’s Los Angeles district and Little St. James Island in the Caribbean, home of the twisted sex fiend Jeffrey Epstein.

Here is the WarDrummer video — yes, things are a Liddle shifty at the Standard Hotel.

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Comey, Skippy and Moar!

We’ve got Elves on the shelves — Comey, Skippy and Moar. McAllisterTV jumps into the swamp and finds it as bizarre as ever.

And, here, McAllisterTV returns to Epstein Island. There’s a gruesome kill room there, where naked people, sitting on buckets, are carving into their victims and eating the raw flesh. You have to wonder: Are the victims all Haitians captured through the Clintons’ supposed “charity” operations in that nation? These are not decent people we are dealing with, but cold-blooded Satanic killers.

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What Is Adrenochrome?

Remember the adrenochrome tripping in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? That’s the 1998 biopic where Johnny Depp played the gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Once you fully understand adrenochrome, you will begin to have a grasp for why there are annually more than 450,000 missing children in the United States.

Yes, some of these kids disappear because they are being used as prostitutes or for sex. But others disappear so their adrenochrome can be harvested. Who’s doing that? Pedovores — cannibals who target children.

Something is going on at the Standard Hotel and Adam Schiff knows exactly what it is. Maybe there’s a reason for those bug eyes of his. More from McAllisterTV.


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