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Who Is Rachel Chandler?

In this video we will find out who Rachel Chandler is connected to.

Chandler, for those unfamiliar with her, was an associate of Jeffrey Epstein, the serial child rapist. A photographer, she also ran a fashion modeling agency — Midland. She is descended from a prominent American family that founded and formerly operated the Los Angeles Times.

Did she play a central role in Epstein’s efforts to procure sex slaves? More from Mr. Truthbomb.

Hollywood Under White Hats?

Is Hollywood under White Hat control? Tarot by Janine believes that’s the case, and now McAllister TV suggests it’s likely as well. We are already starting to see celeb vax reactions! What’s the story behind Justin Bieber’s facial distortions? What about Mick Jagger canceling a Rolling Stones concert in Amsterdam, citing a bout with Covid?

Otherwise, in this episode, McAllister TV touches upon the code word “Hillbilly?” The AI threat has been with us for decades! Jonathan Winters on the Last Day on Earth! Deplorable Deb (from St. Petersburg, Florida) reports from the Basket of Deplorables! Also we get new updates from Bluewater and a shapeshifting reptiles from Pfizer!

Secret Of The Standard Hotel

New Intel! Massive Witness Protection programs! Mengele’s Reptilian bio death tech injections!

Hear about Barack Obama and Maggie Nixon, the child he liked to call “Wendy.” She was the grand daughter of the late Agnes Nixon, who created One Life To Live, All My Children and other major soap operas. What happened between Obama and Wendy at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles? Payback for Adam Schiff! More from McAllister TV.

Zuckerberg: First Arrest?

Will Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook and its parent company Meta Platforms, be one of the first arrests? McAllister TV speculates as news continues to percolate regarding John Durham’s sweeping probe into federal corruption?

The “white hats” are already showing signs of control with slow disclosure now in progress, McAllister TV asserts. For instance, former President Donald Trump’s rally in Nebraska was carried live on YouTube. This is a stark contrast from recent Trump rallies that had been banned by YouTube.

McAllister TV offers decodes from the Nebraska rally and also takes a look at former President Barack Obama. Was he involved in criminal shenanigans at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles? What happened with Wendy?

Standard NYC Chop House?!?

Special report! Standard Hotel in New York City’s meat-packing district, flaunting cannibalism! From all appearances, this location of the Standard Hotel is now closed, same as the one in Los Angeles. Maria Benardis is on the scene with exclusive video!

Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, we get a report on body liquefaction at the Hollywood installation of the Standard Hotel, also now closed. Across the street lies Tom Hanks’ hot dog and hamburger restaurant Carney’s. How is this locale tied to Long Beach Port?

Seemingly, in New York City as well as Los Angeles, chop shops and grind houses can be found in plain sight! More from McAllister TV.

ƃuᴉʞlɐM uɐW pɐǝp :ɟɟᴉɥɔS ɯɐp∀

Standard Hotel Decode! What happened in that hotel!?! Obama and Wendy (Maggie Nixon)! Tom Hanks and Carney’s! Adam Schiff’s Hotel Murder! Dead Man Walking! Traitor! Future proves the past! Tick Tick Boom! More on Rachel Chandler, Ed Buck and others from McAllister TV.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: In case you’re wondering, our headline reads: “Adam Schiff: Dead Man Walking.” We printed it upside-down. That’s because the Standard Hotel always ran its name upside-down on its marquees and building signs — paying homage to the Satanists, like Adam Schiff, who frequented that clip joint.  Sick assholes, every one of them!)

Just how corrupt and vicious is Joe Biden’s administration? A young girl says she was raped and abused by both Joe Biden and Barack Obama, as well as a host of Hollywood celebrities. Ally Carter says she was trafficked since she was a young girl, first by her own mother and later by a series of pimps, working through Child Protective Services.

By the age of 13 she was being trafficked to local police chiefs in the Los Angeles area, as well as such celebrities as John Travolta, and Beyonce, musicians Steven Tyler and rapper Too Short, as well as Presidents Joe Biden and Barack Obama. She confirms Barack Obama’s “wife” Michelle is actually just a man in drag.

Here, Carter speaks with Stew Peters about the disgusting and often Satanic arrangements. She would be moved across Hollywood and Los Angeles through underground tunnels equipped with elaborate transport systems. Many of the tunnels lead directly to the Getty Center.

She tried to discuss her case before the 2020 presidential election. Sad to say, but none of the corrupt journalists in the mainstream media would touch upon her allegations, or address the child trafficking issue. They are shills for the Satanists, overwhelmingly leftist and biased.


Standard Hotel Shut Down

The Standard Hotel in Hollywood, California — the site of celebrity adrenochrome parties — has now permanently shut down and closed its doors. The hotel had been in operation since 1999, becoming one of the fixtures along the Sunset Strip. But, now, Dilara Esengil provides video proof that it’s all shuttered and boarded up. Dilara shares her Hollywood insights on the latest edition of McAllister TV.

Other topics covered: California’s insistence on vaccine passports. Encounters with Lizard People. Ross Hunter’s Imitation of Life. The White Hats are in control.



Midnight In Washington

Adam Schiff appears on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to hawk his new work of fiction. More from The United Spot.

Burnin’ For Burma, Part II

How does the military coup in Myanmar relate to John McCain? Did you know McCain had a dog named “Burma?” What was the point of that? In Pursuit of truth has been circling around these waters for many years, drawing connections and showing how the many “dog Tweets” we have been seeing from politicians and media executives really have nothing to do with man’s favorite pet. Instead, what we’re seeing is code talk for some mighty dark, deep secrets, some of which IPOT explains here.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media overlooked the Space Force. They believe it is not important, it is not a threat. This is exactly what the patriots wanted. The Space Force is the command center for cyber warfare. The patriots have it all. They already have the evidence. They are now building public opinion. Trump will make his move when the time is right and it’s almost time. More from the X22 Report.

Comms are coming in from all over the place. So much is now occurring it’s difficult to tie the pieces together, keep up or even begin to explain what’s happening. And We Know makes a valiant attempt, covering everything from the Amazon resignation of Jeff Bezos to President Donald Trump’s support for the U.S. Space Force. Also, learn about Bumblehive, the code name for the Utah Data Center, where intelligence is gathered to protect the nation from internal harm as well as armed attack from abroad.

McAllister TV visits Michigan, being run into the ground by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who does remind us so much of Cruella DeVil. The Michigan Supreme Court has swatted Whitmer by striking down her unconstitutional coronavirus virus orders. We’re sure she will fight them. That’s all that scag ever does.

Otherwise, the rancid Standard Hotel in West Hollywood is shutting down “indefinitely.” We have previously covered long-standing allegations that the Standard Hotel has served as a backdrop for illicit sexual parties, sometimes involving pedophilia.  Meanwhile, gun sales continue to surge. No one apparently trusts President Joe Biden’s regime!

Biden’s news Secretary of Defense purges scores of Trump loyalists from the Pentagon just days after taking power, Jen Psaki disses Space Force but in that throwaway statement is some real meat and a clue to the future of the Republic, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors delay the State Senate yet again and defy their subpoena orders, risking jail time, DeSantis tells it like it is regarding Tech censorship and Myanmar examined a little closer. All is not as it seems.. More from RedPill78.

Swampy Epstein Associations

Amazing Polly offers an update on some swampy Epstein associations, such as a Portland State University president who accepted a free trip to Bohemian Grove from a wealthy real estate executive, Also, we get a glimpse of Andre Balacs, the owner of the Standard Hotels, who thinks it’s acceptable to poke his fingers or hands up women’s vaginas. This is a man who obviously embraced the slogan: “Grab  ’em by the pussy.” There sure are a lot of corrupt officials and perverts running around, just begging to be arrested!

Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz talks about his response to a smear article on him by the New Yorker. We have no doubt New Yorker is engaging in a smear job. It’s just another lying Lefty rag. At the same time, Dershowitz has dug his own grave as a close associate and defender of Jeffrey Epstein. If Dershowitz followed in Epstein’s footsteps and raped children, then Dershowitz needs to go to jail and accept punishment for his crimes.

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While Billionaire Financier Jeffrey Epstein awaits trial on charges of pedophilia and child sex trafficking, he was recently found injured in his jail cell. Was it attempted suicide or was he attacked? And if so, by whom? Meanwhile, a federal judge is set to release 2000 pages of documents so damning that very powerful people including the Clintons would have good reason to want Epstein to never make it to trial. David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report!



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