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CIA Front Group Created Covid

A former associate of Peter Daszak has come forward with bombshell revelations about EcoHealth Alliance, the CIA and China! Watch as RedPill78 explains how Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance created Covid-19. The alliance is quite literally a thinly disguised front for the CIA.

Legal proceedings will be undertaken against covid criminals. That includes the lying politicians or members of the medical establishment who forbade the use of drugs like ivermectin to treat covid patients. Even Liberals are beginning to wake up! Justice will come! We are uniting against our enemies. The witches are in a state of panic. More from And We Know.

Winning! The OSHA mandate is dissolved and Biden isn’t fighting it. Jen is eating crow, and now Americans are taking the fight to their states. We’re finding our courage and taking back our country! More from Lori Colley.


The Stupid Son Of A Bitch

Peter Doocy of Fox News got called out by President Joe Biden Monday, hammering him as “a stupid son of a bitch.” Doocy has asked a series of hot-button questions lately to Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki. Doicy got the old man’s goat with another question about the hyperactive inflation. More from Ovation Eddie.

Knowledge Is Key

Don’t let them ruin your mind! Let’s remember why we fight — our children!

It’s time to expose the Satanic Cabal! We must defeat their minions and send their leaders, including Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, to hell! More from And We Know.

It was difficult to do, but President Biden managed to create the second worst week of his presidency. As his Press Secretary Jen Psaki told Americans on Friday, Psaki: “This week has been frustrating, devastating, angering—all of those things.” Then she told supporters to go to a kickboxing class or have a Margarita.

Let’s take a look at the major blunder Biden made, a green light for Russia to invade Ukraine, and the fallout. More from Lori Colley.

[Deep State] Blunders

[Deep State] blunders are caught on tape! The White House day of days! Go time! May God grant us all wisdom! Pray! More from And We Know.

President Jobama

Jen Psaki accidentally admits she still works for Barack Obama. More from The Salty Cracker.

Biden Frontman For The Left

Owen Shroyer, guest hosting “The Alex Jones Show,” says President Joe Biden is the globalist, puppet, frontman for the left in their effort to collapse the United States ahead of The Great Reset. In the following report on BANNED.VIDEO, Shroyer reveals Biden’s fellow radical lunatics who are in on the debauchery.

Supremes KO Vax Mandates

The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a major blow to the Biden Administration, ruling its vaccine mandates unconstitutional. Despite the setback, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki defiantly urged all businesses to continue with the mandates during her daily press conference.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s incessant lying has backed him into a corner and the Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking saga is bringing down more heat on Prince Andrew. Will these two turn state’s evidence and sing like a bird? Stay tuned. Here more from the X22 Report.


Biden’s Recovery Plan

Jen Psaki explains why the economy is good.. with a twist. More from FreedomToons.

Say Bye To Nancy in 2022

Dan Radiostyle reports that it could be curtains for Nancy Pelosi this year in light of the Deep State running into roadblocks at every turn. He says she failed in pushing her agenda through Congress and the Jan. 6 Committee probe is a sham.

In this edition of On The Fringe, Radiostyle also highlights the infighting in the Democrat Party and focuses on how the Deep State is talking tough, although their actions suggest they’re losing power quickly. Here’s the report.

White House Message Of Death

The White House’s Message of Death and Illness – Seasons Greetings! More from Jen Psaki, as channeled by AwakenwithJP.


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