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Empty Shelves Everywhere

We are seeing increasing reports of empty shelves, especially in grocery stores, at the same time that hyperinflation is starting to occur, particularly impacting energy prices. The moneygps weighs in on this situation and what it means for the average consumer.

The [Deep State] Is Exposed

Harley Schlanger is a historian and national spokesman. He has been covering the financial industry since the 80s. You can now follow Harley at The LaRouche Organization.

Harley begins the conversation talking about how the Germans are in bad shape. They have supply chain issues. Power is a problem and all of this is being pushed to bring us into the Great Reset.

The [Deep State] agenda is being exposed and the people can see it and feel it. Crime is out of control in the cities where they defunded the police and the people are now looking to get back to the principles of the constitution. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

Biden’s Skyrocketing Inflation

We are now seeing signs of what we can expect from Joe Biden: Skyrocketing inflation, approaching the gross stagflation of Jimmy Carter’s era. The prices of goods are bounding higher as Biden drives up energy costs, attacking both the gasoline and oil industries. At the same time, tensions are mounting in the Middle East, compounding the steep increases in energy prices.

At this pace, we can count on Biden serving as a one-term President. That is, if the decrepit geezer can actually last a full term. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

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