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One In A Quadrillion

More than a month has passed since the general election and officials are still finding votes in Georgia. And the allegations of massive voter fraud in other swing states are huge, making the lawsuit filed by the state of Texas–and joined by 17 additional states–against the shenanigans in Pennsylvania that much more critical. Says White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, “That case–Texas v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania–is the single most important document of the 2020 election. As this case says, either the Constitution matters, or this is just another piece of parchment in the National Archives.”

The election anomalies were many. Biden received an impossible 15 million more votes than Barack Obama, despite being outperformed by President Trump in the minority sectors of every major city, with the exception of conveniently and suspiciously overperforming in Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Las Vegas. The Texas lawsuit takes a deep look at these anomalies, including Biden trailing Trump in these cities by massive amounts at 3 a.m. on election night. When morning came, Biden was leading in all five cities. McEnany posited that the chances of this happening on election night in one state are one in one quadrillion. The odds of it occurring in all five states, where he was so far behind, is one in one quadrillion to the fourth power. Here’s more with McEnany on “Hannity.”

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Will Justice Barrett Abstain?

As time runs out before the states’ electors are seated, a momentous Supreme Court decision could come down in literally minutes, regarding voter fraud in the general election. There is still ongoing litigation in Georgia and Wisconsin and those states are considered outcome determinative. And if and when the case reaches SCOTUS, all eyes will be on Justice Amy Coney Barrett, the newest member of the Supremes.

During a discussion on Jay Sekulow Live, hosted by Team Trump legal attorney Jay Sekulow, a phone caller into the program basically asked if Justice Barrett would abstain from voting on the historic case, or outright recuse herself. Sekulow, who also represented Trump in the impeachment hearings, was quick to respond. “She does not have to abstain. Each justice makes that own decision. She did not say she was going to abstain and regardless of the outcome of this election, she’s on for life.”

The panel went on to emphasize that Barrett was never involved in any case in this election cycle, anyway. So for her to abstain wouldn’t make any sense.

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