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Hillary Vs. Donald 2.0

Don’t cringe, but guess who’s seeking the Democrat Party presidential election in 2024? None other than Hillary Rodham Clinton, which would bring us Hillary vs. Donald 2.0.

Are the Democrats gluttons for punishment? Running Hillary again in 2024 would clearly be a recipe for disaster. Nonetheless, Clinton is positioning herself as the answer to the party’s woes, while Donald Trump awaits calmly in the wings. Trish Regan breaks down the looming rematch and discusses the FBI’s puzzling assessment of the terror attack on the Texas synagogue.

UFO NeoCons

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep on the real story of Government manipulation of the UFO File and the CIA Neocons that are positioning themselves to control the UFO Threat narrative in 2022 and Presidential Election of 2024!


Will Trump Return Before ’24?

With patriots clamoring for the endgame and the recapture of our country, Juan O. Savin warns that less than a dozen people truly know what the plan is.

“If you don’t see what we’re going through now is war, you’re not paying attention,” Savin says. He added that the outcome will be grand theater, an amazing show. It’s about who gets to control the presidency. Savin joins the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast, including guest Delora O’Brien, who bluntly asks Juan whether President Trump will be back before the 2024 Presidential election. Tune in to hear his answer.

Independents: Joe Has To Go

While the media focuses on Republicans and Democrats, everyone knows it’s the independents who usually decide elections. And the latest polling of independent voters signals trouble for President Biden come the 2024 election.

According to a Politico poll, 67 percent of registered independent voters don’t think Biden should even seek re-election. Overall, 58 percent of registered voters oppose a re-election campaign, while 34 percent want Biden to run. Sixty-one percent of respondents also said the nation is on the wrong track. Next News Network’s Bill Mitchell has more.

Stone Eyeing Florida Guv’s Race

Political fireplug Roger Stone is threatening to seek the Libertarian nomination for governor in Florida to hold Gov. Ron DeSantis’ feet to the fire. Though he has no illusions of winning, Stone says DeSantis has to strengthen his position on voting fraud and pledge not to seek the 2024 presidential nomination should President Trump decide to enter the race.

Appearing on Infowars, with Alex Jones, Stone gives his take on the GOP’s stunning upset in Virginia, the near victory in New Jersey and the state of the Republican Party.

Indicators Of The Plan

From the very beginning of the Great Awakening, the mysterious Q posts have been a key component in the dissemination of information. But patriots would be remiss to discount President Trump’s cryptic comments, which more than likely come with a double meaning.

Sean Morgan welcomes fellow bloggers Bernie Suarez and Patel Patriot to discuss Trump’s high-level strategy in context with the breaking news of the day. Among the topics are the recent revelation from U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger that he will not seek re-election, Biden’s bizarre videos at the Vatican, Trump’s statements on the 2024 Presidential election and the Durham investigation.

Gen. Flynn For President

Should President Trump opt out of the 2024 race and ditch “The Plan” to return to the White House before then, a faction of the GOP is prepared to draft Gen. Michael Flynn to run for the Presidency. In the same vein as Trump, Flynn’s candidacy would be intriguing. He’s a military man and not a politician, but owns the presence, stature and charisma to step into the role.

Political consultant and lobbyist Roger Stone says, “If we get to that crossroads (of Trump opting out), we the citizens will have to draft Gen. Flynn. In other words, I don’t think the General ought to get down there like a grubby, grasping politician and declare his candidacy. For a man who’s put duty to his country before everything in his life, the General can be appealed to on that basis.” Stone joins Alex Jones on InfoWars to talk 2024 Presidential politics and reforming election laws.

CPAC And Big Don

Even before he listened to Donald Trump’s speech before the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Styxhexenhammer666 already knew Trump had landed some real blows against his enemies — the RINOs and the Democrats. How could Styx tell? He read reports by the New York Times, Associated Press and other Leftist mainstream media outlets and judged how nervous they all appeared.

What’s Styx’s assessment? The 2024 Republican nomination for president will go to Trump if Trump wants it. He will have more than enough support to vanquish Ted Cruz or Ron DeSantis, the two candidates who appear as the most likely frontrunners should Trump decide against making another run. Styx personally prefers Rand Paul, but says Paul probably won’t get the nomination. He’s a bit too headstrong for a lot of voters.

O’Reilly: Will Trump Run In ’24?

Bill O’Reilly tells Glenn Beck that the impeachment fiasco by Democrats was not about President Trump. Rather, he says, it was a calculated strategy to not only diminish the Republican Party (which they succeeded in doing), but also to diminish Trump supporters, too.

“It wasn’t about Donald Trump, as far as the big picture is concerned,” O’Reilly says. “They hate him, they want to hurt him as much as possible and that is a given.” He says there are people on the payroll of the Democrat Political Action Committees that come up with these strategies to harm the opposition. This time around, they focused on playing the siege on Capitol Hill video over and over.

O’Reilly opines that law enforcement, Congress and even President Trump were surprised by the siege, although many political pundits disagree. So what are the consequences for the 2024 election? Will Trump have the discipline it takes to run? Tune in for O’Reilly’s take on Blaze TV.

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