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One In A Quadrillion

More than a month has passed since the general election and officials are still finding votes in Georgia. And the allegations of massive voter fraud in other swing states are huge, making the lawsuit filed by the state of Texas–and joined by 17 additional states–against the shenanigans in Pennsylvania that much more critical. Says White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, “That case–Texas v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania–is the single most important document of the 2020 election. As this case says, either the Constitution matters, or this is just another piece of parchment in the National Archives.”

The election anomalies were many. Biden received an impossible 15 million more votes than Barack Obama, despite being outperformed by President Trump in the minority sectors of every major city, with the exception of conveniently and suspiciously overperforming in Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Las Vegas. The Texas lawsuit takes a deep look at these anomalies, including Biden trailing Trump in these cities by massive amounts at 3 a.m. on election night. When morning came, Biden was leading in all five cities. McEnany posited that the chances of this happening on election night in one state are one in one quadrillion. The odds of it occurring in all five states, where he was so far behind, is one in one quadrillion to the fourth power. Here’s more with McEnany on “Hannity.”

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Epic Lawsuit Coming

Sidney Powell reveals an epic lawsuit is coming. It will be Biblical. The entire system might blow up. Moe from Steve Turley.

How will President Donald Trump defeat Joe Biden? In an interview with Fox News’ Peter Hegseth, President Trump’s press secretary Kayleigh McEnany says the president’s team will invoke the equal protections clause. Never heard about it? Listen and learn. More from Next News Network.

The voting machine conspiracies are pooh-poohed by the Leftist mainstream media. But academic authorities like J. Alex Halderman, a computer science and engineering professor at the University of Michigan, have explicitly proven that the most common voting machines we use are susceptible to hacking. Even The Simpsons have tried to warn us. More from Mark Dice.

Did China Rig Our Election?

Did the Chinese have a backdoor to the Dominion voting machines? Sidney Powell reveals some amazing things. Whistleblowers continue to come forward and additional fraud is revealed and John Brennan is starting to sweat. More inside. From RedPill78.

The Mainstream Media are preparing the people for this. The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media and the [Central Bankers] have now been trapped by Trump and the patriots. Their plan was not about an election, not about keeping everything the same. It’s about bringing the entire corrupt, diseased system down on the establishment. The entire plan has been created to take it all down. Timing is everything the world is watching. More from the X22 Report.

President Donald Trump’s press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, said it best, “We want maximum sunlight!” We will not accept a nationwide election marked by massive cheating and fraud. If Democrats want to elect Joe Biden, votes must be honest, and counted in the open. You cannot bar your opponents from having election observers in the counting rooms. When you do so, you invite the charges of fraud, as you give the appearance of committing fraud. More from And We Know.

The information you will hear in this interview will shock you. It certainly shocked me as I recorded this call. These are documented facts about Operation Warp Speed, the COVID mRNA vaccine, hydrogels and 5G. Pray for discernment, wisdom and courage. God bless. More from the SGTReport.

YouTube goes down. A Dominion Voting Systems whistleblower emerges. Georgia begins an election recount. More from Destroying the illusion.

Media Eager To Crown Biden

The allegations of rampant voter fraud are real–computer glitches favoring the Left, ballot back-dating, dead people voting. All of it is real and the fake news media isn’t going to tell us otherwise, just because a few are tired of politics.

The Trump Campaign is 100 percent entitled to pursue all options in light of the charges. Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany put it succinctly in a national news conference: “We want to protect the franchise of the American people. We want an honest, lawful, accurate count.” In other words, it’s not over by a long shot.

Not for the media. They took it upon themselves to be the arbiter of elections, the final word. Why? Because it’s personal to them. Their hatred for Trump to a person is unfathomable–Savannah Guthrie, Chuck Todd, George Stephanopolous to name a few. Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly digs out the real details and the skullduggery of the Left.

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October Surprise Is Here!

The October surprise is here! The treasonous traitorous actors can’t escape this. Learn about Seal Team Six and the truth about Osama bin Ladin. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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The [Deep State] was caught red-handed and how there is more information coming out of why pallets of cash were given to Iran. Kayleigh McEnany has signaled Chuck Grassley. Everything is a go. The October surprise is being prepped and warmed. The [DS]/MSM narrative is collapsing on them and nothing can stop this. Nothing. More from the X22 Report.

It’s an unlucky day for the cabal and their dark secrets, as a CIA whistleblower Alan Howell Parrot exposes Hillary, Joe Biden and Leon! We’re talking exposure on Benghazi, Seal Team 6 and $152 buillion paid to Iran to keep quiet. More from Lori Colley.

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Some new evidence has been released in the Biden/Osama bin Ladin/Iran saga. Phones calls and documents presented here. Also some tweets and confirmation from the President. Meanwhile, the Clinton Foundation is about to have its day in court! More from RedPill78.

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Threat’s incoming to cover up corruption by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Will the truth become known? How long can the dirty deeds be hidden? More from And We Know.

Burisma Admits Bribing Biden

Major DELTA from today and strange coincidence surrounding it, plus perhaps an explanation of the 10 Days of Darkness phrase, New details about incoming DECLAS and Haspel and Wray working together to block it. PLUS a MAJOR REVELATION from Burma regarding Joe Biden and BRIBES! Plus Kayleigh McEnany tests positive.More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now caught in their own narrative, just like the protests/riots when they denied it. Trump is trapping them at every turn. The patriots knew the playbook. They knew what the [DS] was attempting to do. He had to show the people. The ultimate truth needs to be revealed. Do not be afraid. It is all about to come out. More from the X22 Report.

“They’re miracles coming down from God.” So says President Donald Trump, explaining the surge in support for his re-election and continuation of his fight against the dirty Deep State. Our nation is becoming greater, not only because God’s hands are upon us, but also because we elect true leaders like Donald Trump, while discarding corrupt pedophiles like Joe Biden. More from And We Know.

Joe Biden is very sick! The miracle healing of President Donald Trump. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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Uncle Joe’s Pedo Connections

A dig into Ghislaine Maxwell’s sisters, Christine and Isabella, and their weird husbands, with NASA and occult connections–with MK Ultra, of course. Also, what are Joe Biden’s strange links to Epstein’s Island paradise. Plus news on Supreme Court rulings and the President’s tax returns. More from Lori Colley.

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The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are feeling the pain. They will not let the Flynn case go. So the patriots are declassifying more and more information that has to do with the Flynn case, making it difficult for Judge Sullivan to explain his position. The events are falling apart rapidly. The people are awake. They understand that the virus is harmful to the people. Patriots are in control. More from the X22 Report.

President Dona;d Trump’s new press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, is easily earning her pay by her brilliant repels against the Deep State and, particularly, the corrupt mainstream media. Mark Levin said it best, ““We now have the liberal playbook and we know what they are doing, and we are using it against them. Unlike the Democrats, though, we aren’t out to destroy our society, we are out to save it.” More from And We Know.

General Flynn recently and his family pledged their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. They ended their oath with the famous Q slogan “Where we go one we go all”. Severe Anon and The Punisher join SGTReport to discuss that and so much more.


She Loves Domino’s Pizzas

An old Kayleigh McEnany Tweet about loving Domino’s Pizza shook up Twitter, in one of the strangest ways. More from Mark Dice.


In Pursuit of Truth discusses Twitter’s fight against President Donald Trump. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, seems to be spoiling for a fight by actively blocking a few of Trump’s recent tweets. This is the act of a publisher, not an act of a presumably neutral social media platform.

The President has responded with a new executive order that allows the Federal Communications Commission to re-access Section 230, and determine if liability protections should be granted to social media platforms. A second aspect applies to the Federal Trade Commission, allowing it to accept complaints from individuals who have been censored.

Will President Trump leave Twitter? Probably in time. But for now, the fight is on to protect conservatives and ensure we are not censored by this Leftist leviathan.

Otherwise, who’s behind so much of today’s knuckleheadery? We all can recognize the handiwork of George Soros. But who are his cronies and colleagues? And what will be their next wave of chicanery? IPOT gets into these questions as well as deciphering some of the events surrounding the riots in Minneapolis.

Kayleigh McEnany battles with the boobs in the Leftist mainstream media. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo told nursing homes they must accept coronavirus patients. Should he be charged with murder since so many of the coranavirus deaths involved the elderly kept in nursing homes? Jack Dorsey, you were warned! Here’s all the latest from And We Know News.

Antifa terrorism heats up in Democratic-run cities around the United States. They are looting stores, burning parks and staging riots in cities from Philadelphia to Austin. Seems like the protesters mostly disregarded the coronavirus, as if it was a hoax all along. More from JustInformed Talk.

The US Supreme Court just screwed over Christians. The Senate names Barry Obama’s 35 traitors. More on China, Trump and mail-in votes from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey and Democratic Gov. Tim Walz are sacrificing Minneapolis to the Soros mob right now! How many other cities will burn as these Leftist yahoos try to inflict their perverted politics on to the rest of us. More from the SGTReport.

Kayleigh Owns The Press

President Donald Trump’s new press secretary, Kaylaigh McEnany, doesn’t waste any time before challenging the Leftist media. Her press conference debut prompted Magog of Morskar to ask, “Who’s your mommy?”

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