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Software Glitch Swaps Votes?

A U.S. Postal Service whistleblower who witnessed the backdating of election ballots goes on the record saying he DID NOT recant his statement and stands by his allegations. A data scientists examined voting data and found that Dominion may have glitched in multiple states and switched or lost millions of votes.More from Mr. Obvious.

One tool that states might use to find and fight against voter fraud is a new risk-limiting audit called Arlo, developed by a company called VotingWorks.  Democracy depends upon trust in the electoral process. In the United States, nearly every jurisdiction relies on machines to tally votes, so trusting the process means trusting the machines that scan and tally our paper ballots. Given the high stakes of our elections, and our adversaries’ demonstrated interest in them, what can we do to double-check the equipment producing the tallies? Here’s how Arlo works.

News organizations might have declared Joe Biden the winner, but the General Services Administration isn’t recognizing Biden as the victor nor pushing ahead with transitions at this time. And the news organizations themselves are having to backtrack as discrepancies are getting straightened out in the vote counts. at this point, it doesn’t appear either Biden nor President Donald Trump has reached the 270 electoral college threshold that guarantees a victory. There are still at least five, maybe six or seven states, where recounting is proceeding. More from We Are Change.

In this episode we look at the widespread reports of voter fraud all across the nation. Vote switching “Glitch” live on CNN. Trump fires Defense Secretary Mark Esper. Legendary Super Attorney Lin Wood joins Trump’s legal team – “This country is under attack.” More from Dustin Nemos.

Hold The Line, Midnight Riders!

Burn the flag and get a year in jail. That’s what President Donald Trump is now proposing. Let’s get ‘er done. The message today: Hold the line, midnight riders! Justice is coming! It might seem like it’s taken forever, but we will see creeps like former CIA Director John Brennan and former FBI Director James Comey face substantial jail time for their illegal activities to spy upon the Trump administration. Also, in this edition, Antifa is exposed as a terrorist outfit. More from And We Know.

We begin with the spurious connection between a China front group and an offshoot of Black Lives Matter, moving onto the new posts where Sec. of Defense Mark Esper admits China and Russia both have put directed energy weapons in space. We tally the damage from the recent riots and it’s the worst in history. And finally, Joe and Kamala have endorsed a Michigan Democrat we DO NOT want in office. More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream media are now pushing everything to the next level. They are preparing for the elections. The playbook is known. The architect has been exposed and the people can see exactly what the [DS]/MSM are preparing to do. This has always been about the election and the [DS] 16-year-plan. More from the X22 Report.

A standoff in Lynwood, California, leading to an arrest, might well be connected to last weekend’s horrific shooting of two Los Angeles Transit Line deputies. Black Conservative Patriot says the arrest followed a massive manhunt. Otherwise, Joe Biden doesn’t deny he is taking drug enhancements. More from Black Conservative Patriot.

Silent weapons, quiet war. Lori Lightfoot, mayor of Chicago, has pledged her allegiance to a New World Order. What does that mean? A global government. An end to our freedom of speech and press. Also, mandatory vaccines. Will you take the mark? More from the SGTReport.


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