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Mary Magdalene In Full

Robert Sepehr, the world’s most dangerous anthropologist,  examines the life and spirituality of Mary Magdalene, revered as one of the closest disciples and followers of Jesus Christ. But she also embodies many traditions from ancient religions, spanning the continents. Here, Sepehr explores these strands from ancient Sumer, Babylon and Egypt, while also touching upon Tantric traditions from Eastern Asia. His full original for this video is Ancient Goddess of Above And Below.



Deep State Sorcery

Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell returns to join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for a fascinating look into how the Deep State has attempted to appropriate and utilize ancient systems of power and occult initiation to create a rule by sorcery!

Dr. Farrell explains the cultures that left behind the record of advanced technology to the Babylonians and Egyptians and the implications of the sacred mystery rites falling into the wrong hands.

Special Topics: UFOs, Deep State Research, Occult Initiation, Baghdad Museum Looting, Ancient Knowledge, Exotic Technology, Mind Control and Steganography.

What The Normies Hear

Ever try to explain to one of your family or friends about the New World Order? Here’s what they are likely to take away from the talk. More from bluewater.

JFK Jr: Our Next Vice President?

HAPPY SATURDAY EVERYONE! Can you feel it? So many people can see that IT’S HAPPENING!

Sarge from Icons and Dilara Esengil rejoin McAllister TV. John F. Kennedy Jr. will return. Could he become our next vice president? Military updates! Hollywood is dead! Their Babylonian shrine has gone black! Crooks fleeing! Empty streets! Hollywood assassins on the run!

Onward with the updates, including a look at the Intolerance portal in Hollywood, Babylon down and fashionable “women” with knobbly legs. Here’s more from McAllister TV.



God In A Nutshell

Let’s revisit the Garden of Eden, the Flood with Noah, and other Biblical stories to get a picture of the eternal struggle between God and Satan. This is a struggle that continues to this day, after dividing populations in most of the ancient civilizations of antiquity — including Sumeria, Assyria, Egypt, Babylon, Greece and Rome.

Author and documentary filmmaker Trey Smith created this work, which we present in two parts.

Here, he touches on God’s prohibition against child sacrifice, and how the minions of Satan continue to abuse this edict. Not only does he draw from the Bible, but also the lost books of the Bible — books the Satanists have tried to hide or obliterate so we do not understand who they are and how they operate.



Sex, Satan and Babylon’s Boule

In Pursuit of Truth returns with the story of how Satan works through pop music, as well as Hollywood and the arts, to spin webs of deceit. The drama opens with a look at Paganini, the long, gaunt Italian violinist who played finger frets with the speed of the Devil. What follows includes in-depth looks at the deaths — in many cases, likely murders and assassinations — of Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Malcolm X and many others.

This is billed as “Episode 1 (Beguiling Beginnings),” so look for a series of updates as this eye-popping tale unfolds.


Here There Be Dragons

The richest source of evidence for the existence of a real race of dragons is not paleontology or even evolutionary biology but, rather, mythology. Dragons have shadowed the dreams of nearly every culture on Earth, from ancient Greece to Babylon, India, China, even the New World. Since their initial appearance on the Earth in ancient times, dragons have become a part of our collective unconscious. Are these fabulous beasts a figment of our collective-imagination, or did they actually exist? More from Zohar StarGate.


It Was Always There

You just didn’t notice it. More from Mag Bitter Truth.

Queens of Heaven

Queen of Heaven was a title given to a number of ancient sky goddesses worshiped throughout the ancient Mediterranean and Near East during ancient times. The Queen is the chief goddess of the pagan pantheon, known by various names in the various nations, notably Ishtar in Babylon, but also Inanna, Astarte, Ashtoreth, Aphrodite, Venus and others. Here, these goddesses are introduced by Robert Sepehr — author, producer and independent anthropologist.

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The Lizard Illuminati

The world’s most influential and controversial conspiracy theorist, David Vaughan Icke, gives David Morpurgo from Vice a tour of Icke’s inner sanctum. From his home on the Isle of Wight, Icke also takes Morpurgo to an isolated rock formation allegedly used as an altar for satanic rituals and human sacrifices. Icke’s theories are bizarre, but he has a massive global following, having sold more than 20 million copies of his 19 books.

Among his central claims:

  • A master race of shape-shifting lizards, known as the Babylonian Brotherhood, controls much of the world’s politics and commerce. He asserts that the majority of US presidents and the British royal family belong to this lizard illuminati sect, only masquerading as humans.
  • The Moon is an alien spacecraft broadcasting secret signals that mold how people perceive reality.
  • The lizard rulers devised the major religions to create strife, thus allowing them to divide and conquer humankind. Similarly, he maintains that terrorist events like 9/11 are wholly concocted by the elite to enhance their power.

Morpurgo’s encounter with Icke is fascinating, although not as thorough as the 2006 documentary, David Icke: Was He Right?, broadcast by Channel Five in the United Kingdom and also presented below. Neither film, though, adequately covers the charges of his detractors that he’s a New Age huckster or that his theories have an anti-Semitic tinge. The interviewers also ask only softball questions of Icke. We get a sense of his quirkiness, but never is he put on the firing line to prove his more outrageous assertions. First up, Vice’s David Icke: Conspiracy of the Lizard Illuminati.

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And now the Channel Five documentary.

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