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Biden Arming al-Qaeda Again

Joe Biden and his Sleazebag Leftist administration are back arming al-Qaeda again. Partisan Girl says she has proof in the form of receipts showing armament purchases involving forces in Syria.

The al-Qaeda nonsense was one of the most outrageous and asinine blunders of Barack Obama and his corrupt Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Can’t say we’re surprised that Biden is following suit, but you’ve got to wonder: Do these so-called “Liberals” ever do anything in a honest way? Or are they all just mindless terrorist enablers?

All Roads Lead To Epstein

Leaked audio that was translated by the Washington Free Beacon exposed Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s threat to “jokingly” kidnap President Obama’s daughter to complete the lucrative nuclear deal. But was it really a joke? This is not the first time that Obama was threatened with his children being kidnapped by the Iranians. The governor of Iran’s Kish Province also pressured Obama in 2013 to lay off Syria or harm would come to his children.

The revelation, which was conveniently omitted by the mainstream media, exposes the length Iran was willing to go through to secure the nuke deal and again demonstrates how children continue to be used by the elite to extort, blackmail and control each other. Says Riss Flex, “Essentially all top Obama Administration officials were partners in crime with Iran.” And it won’t surprise you that leading the corrupt, manipulating heap were Hillary Clinton, John Brennan Leon Panetta and Joe Biden. They all ran in the same circles and all the chicanery traces back and is connected to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

In the following video, Riss Flex discusses Iran’s role in the elite pedophile ring, the connection to Epstein and how President Biden is already controlled and blackmailed by Iran.

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Biden Diversity Strikes Syria

It’s progressive when Joe does it! More from Paul Joseph Watson.

The Forever Wars Are Back!

Didn’t take the war-crazed Democrats long to unleash a new military skirmish. Joe Biden has barely been in office a month and already he has ordered the bombing of Syria.

You can always count on the punch-drunk Democrats to get America involved in another war. Damn, crazy Leftists! If they hate soldiers so much, why are they always so quick to pull the trigger and touch off global confrontations?

Probably they have corporate donors in the military-industrial complex to appease.  Lord knows they aren’t looking out for Americans! More from World Alternative Media.

Biden ordered the Syrian bombing to retaliate against Iran-backed militias. Meanwhile, he has also placed new sanctions on Russia. This lunatic is pushing for a serious war. The military-industrial complex got rusty — and hungry — after President Donald Trump shut down their globalist misadventures in Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria and elsewhere. Now, they’re clamoring for blood. There’s pillaging to be done! More from Tim Pool.

Biden Pushing For SERIOUS War!

In this video, we break down Biden’s actions on the global stage and how it’s setting up the United States for serious clashes. More from We Are Change.


Patriots Forced Deep State Hand

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have been positioned for the trap of traps. The patriots forced the [DS] hand early. The evidence is now out that the fires are not naturally occurring. The setup is almost complete for this election. People are now understanding who the true enemy is and this is the [Deep State’s] worst nightmare. A country united is a strong country and it allows the people to come together to understand who the true enemy is. Ready for red October. More from the X22 Report.

President Donald Trump to Biden: Time for me to get vicious! The two injured Los Angeles transit deputies survive surgery! Trump is starting to pull away, attracting much higher levels of support from blacks as well as Latinos. Soon, the Democrats will have nowhere left to turn, except their Far Left radical fringe. More from Black Conservative Patriot.

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Why are insurgents allowed to terrorize the public? To what extent are the terrorists wings of the Democratic Party? Does the money to support Antifa and Black Lives Matter come from China or from clandestine sources, like the CIA? More from JustInformed Talk.

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It’s time to harvest the corn! And to stop the terrorist insurrection being run by the surrogate Marxist radicals, like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, fronting for the morally depraved Democratic Party. The gloves are off! We have another Q-drop, full of examples showing Antifa’s roots, its training missions in Syria and its connections with Isis. More from McAllister TV.

Some Leftists have floated the myth that the Pacific Coast wildfires in California, Oregon and Washington are a consequence of global warming. Balderdash! Leftist arsonists are igniting these fires. Jordan Sather lives in the Pacific Northwest and he has plenty to say about these sociopaths. He says they are trying to burn the country down. Needless to say, they’ve done enough damage. More than enough. Now, it’s time to round up these fiends!

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George Soros: Arrest Him!

There used to be 20,000 or so Tweets per day identifying George Soros as a thug fomenting violence and rebellion within the United States. Now, some 500,000 Tweets each day call for the apprehension and punishment of the former Nazi. This low-life scourge should never have received admission into the United States. Ever since he gained citizenship, he has sought to foment trouble and now is coordinating and helping to fund the CIA-organized 2020 Color Revolution seeking to overthrow the legitimate government of our nation. Don’t come back, Soros! If you do, we will see you hung for your crimes! More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Why the US protests are a color revolution? For a Syrian, the hand of liberal Zionism in Antifa is easy to spot. More from The Partisan Girl.

The CIA In Our Midst Now?

How do the protests in cities across the United States resemble those that occurred in Libya, Syria and the Ukraine? Is this by design because all of these events were orchestrated — say by the CIA? Are we witnessing yet another regime change attempt by this three-letter agency? If so, time to expose every one of them — their agents, their fronts and their methods of operating. More from AnOmaly.

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Antifa: A CIA Color Revolution?

You can clearly see from this 2016 video where I highlight OTPOR and Color Revolutions. I talk about Soros’s North Africa and Middle East “Project” as a series of topples beginning with Fast and Furious, rolling weapons and materiel to Haiti for staging Libya and Syria. Americans don’t believe the same techniques can be used here by CIA with the diversion of NATO Trillions to finance the venture, but that indeed is exactly what is happening. More from George Webb.

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Buttigieg Is A Radical Liberal

Talking all things: slutty wandering lone wolves, Swiss banning gayness, transgender My Little Pony, saying farewell to Andrew Yang, and finally thoroughly debunking the idea that Pete Buttigieg is a moderate. Spoiler alert: not even close. More from Louder with Crowder, hosted by Steven Crowder with guest Alan Dershowitz.

George Webb draws the links that connect Pete Buttigieg directly to Joseph Mifsud, the mysterious Maltese agent who tried to compromise President Donald Trump’s campaign aide George Papadopoulos. Buttigieg, who fluently speaks seven languages, is himself tied into the CIA, and shown to have been involved with Peter Strzok in nuclear negotiations with Iran, as well as talks and negotiations involving Libya, Yemen and Syria. In other words, Buttigieg is not who he portrays himself to be  — a small city mayor — but is actually closely linked with clandestine operatives who have long sought to subvert and control America’s foreign relations.

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Steven Crowder returns with a second show explaining why Pete Buttigieg is NOT a “moderate Democrat.” More from Louder with Crowder.

Strictly Coincidental

In Pursuit of Truth provides us with an update on the military confrontation between the United States and Iran. It appears that Iran has bombed a few US military bases in Iraq, but those bases had been abandoned, so casualties were nil to slim. Still, the US Air Force mounted a 52-plane exercise over Utah, an event described as “strictly coincidental” but obviously meant to display our firepower. Meanwhile, has there been another attempt or threat against the president at his Mar-A-Largo Resort?

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media/Iran launched an attack on US bases in Iraq. No targets were hit, no casualties. Was this really a strike? No, Iran notified Iraq and through backchannels the US, this was about starting peace talks. The [DS]/MSM push to start a war has failed. While all of this was occurring a Ukranian airliner allegedly crashed. Coincidence? The patriots are in control. The [DS]/MSM is now panicking. They have lost control of the Russian collusion story, fake impeachment, Syria, Iran and everything else. The patriots are coming for them and they have nowhere to hide. More from the X22 Report.

McAllister TV will soon begin uploading videos directly to Bitchute to avoid the harsh censorship practiced by the Leftists at YouTube. Here, she discusses what’s happening in Iran, as well as the ongoing corporate resignations that occurred in December. There also were some creepy deaths during the month. Panic!

TruReporting has unearthed a great clip where a 29-year-old Joe Biden talks about corruption and how he must approach the Big donors to run for Senate, even for such a small state as Delaware. Otherwise, many of the current bases are covered here: Iran, the Australian arson fires and the hanging, phony charges against Gen. Michael Flynn.

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A war is brewing between Good vs. Evil, Truth vs. Lies. It’s time to pick a side. More from Lori Colley.

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