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The Mass Immigration Threat

Computing Forever reports on the mass immigration on all fronts across the planet that is destroying our nations. He zeroes in on the Ukrainian immigrant “invasion” of the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

Legend Of The Amorites

The Amorites flourished in the Middle East during the Bronze Age and went on to dominate Babylon. These were large and stout people, which led some scholars to refer to the Amorites as “giants.” While they were spread throughout the Middle East, their homeland could be Found in Phoenicia, Canaan and present-day Syria.  More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

Who Really Armed ISIS?

RenaudBe digs into who really armed ISIS terrorists and the truth behind the chemical attacks in Syria during the Obama Administration.

He says few people on both sides of the aisle, such as Tulsi Gabbard and Rand Paul, were truly exposing the immorality and corruption of war-profiteer globalist puppets, such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Gabbard went as far as to propose the Stop Arming Terrorist Act in Congress to expose the sinister warmongers in her own Democrat Party. Here’s more.

The Last Days Of Petra

In the deserts of Jordan, a city lies hidden for centuries in a valley of rose-red stone…

In this episode, we look at one of the most peculiar stories of civilizational survival to come down to us from the ancient world, the story of the Nabataeans. Find out how these once humble traders rose to become masters of the desert sands, and to defy empires. And discover what happened to finally bring down the empire of Nabataea. More from Fall Of Civilizations.

America’s Collapse Foreseen

Want to understand the secret game plan for the collapse of the United States? Jay Dyer lays out the plan in a hour-long segment guest-hosting InfoWars.

For his source, he turns to the book The Game of Nations: The Amorality of Power Politics, written in 1969 by CIA co-founder Miles Copeland Jr. Stationed in London, Copeland joined the Corps of Intelligence Police, which later evolved to become part of the CIA.

His sphere of activity encompassed much of the Middle East, from Iraq and Syria to Egypt. His book tells of his relationship with Gamal Abdel Nassar, who had overthrown King Farouk and became the leader of Egypt.

Copeland was originally born in Alabama and fashioned himself as a jazz musician. His three sons all became more heavily involved with music, including Stewart Copeland, drummer of the band The Police; Ian Copeland, who helped launch the New Wave movement; and Miles Copeland III, founder of the I.R.S. recording label, who managed such acts as The Bangles, The Go-Gos, the Dead Kennedys and R.E.M.

Juan O. Savin: Eye Of The Storm

Juan O. Savin says if you don’t see the storm coming, you’re not paying attention. If you’re vulnerable on finances, food and shelter inland, you’re probably going to get hurt. “We know the storm is coming,” he says.

Appearing on the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast, Savin offers some sage words on a variety of topics, including an analysis of the Deep State’s motives in Ukraine and how it eerily ties in to what happened in Benghazi and Syria, the possible collapse of our fiat system being a good thing and why President Trump is still very relevant in the scheme of things.

We Did It, Joe!

Relax, guys. Kamala’s got this. ‘This’ being a wine cooler and a set of well-worn kneepads. She’s pretending to care about Ukraine. A rant from RazorFist.

Look Into Past To Find Future

The patriots have made more moves and the [Deep State] is continuing to lose. Checkmate is approaching. Sometimes if you look in the past, you can find the future. This is not about a 4-year election. This is about destroying the [Deep State] system. There will be equal justice under the law.

Trump is letting us know that John Durham has more and he is going to produce it soon. The [Deep State] is now gearing up. The battle will be for all to see and the truth and facts will emerge. More from the X22 Report.

Biden Arming al-Qaeda Again

Joe Biden and his Sleazebag Leftist administration are back arming al-Qaeda again. Partisan Girl says she has proof in the form of receipts showing armament purchases involving forces in Syria.

The al-Qaeda nonsense was one of the most outrageous and asinine blunders of Barack Obama and his corrupt Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Can’t say we’re surprised that Biden is following suit, but you’ve got to wonder: Do these so-called “Liberals” ever do anything in a honest way? Or are they all just mindless terrorist enablers?

All Roads Lead To Epstein

Leaked audio that was translated by the Washington Free Beacon exposed Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s threat to “jokingly” kidnap President Obama’s daughter to complete the lucrative nuclear deal. But was it really a joke? This is not the first time that Obama was threatened with his children being kidnapped by the Iranians. The governor of Iran’s Kish Province also pressured Obama in 2013 to lay off Syria or harm would come to his children.

The revelation, which was conveniently omitted by the mainstream media, exposes the length Iran was willing to go through to secure the nuke deal and again demonstrates how children continue to be used by the elite to extort, blackmail and control each other. Says Riss Flex, “Essentially all top Obama Administration officials were partners in crime with Iran.” And it won’t surprise you that leading the corrupt, manipulating heap were Hillary Clinton, John Brennan Leon Panetta and Joe Biden. They all ran in the same circles and all the chicanery traces back and is connected to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

In the following video, Riss Flex discusses Iran’s role in the elite pedophile ring, the connection to Epstein and how President Biden is already controlled and blackmailed by Iran.

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