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No Science In Lockdowns

It’s become increasingly obvious that we don’t follow the science when it comes to lockdowns. In some areas, there are more cases of COVID-19 now than when lockdowns were enforced. What it sadly comes down to is political expediency, because we actually don’t know if lockdowns work. They’re different in every country and, truth is, we haven’t really defined it, haven’t studied it and haven’t measured it.

“Follow the science has become a euphemism for follow the leader, do what you’re told and don’t question it,” says David Freiheit of Viva Frei. So, Frei says, are we really using this euphemism to divide people and see who cooperates and who doesn’t? Freiheit was among a panel of experts on The Rubin Report with Dave Rubin, joining Dr. Drew Pinsky and Dr. Zubin Damania.

Interestingly, there’s actually a well-hidden history of lockdowns in the United States. In a story that was documented in The New York Times, a 14-year-old science student in Albuquerque, N.M., built a computer model to reduce the spread of influenza. She determined that you could close down local schools and reduce the spread. Her father, a computer programmer at Los Alamos National Laboratory, took it a step further and said he could actually use the idea to build a model for regional lockdowns in a pandemic. Surprisingly, the George W. Bush Administration adopted the model as policy. Dr. Pinsky says the model is absent from textbooks and science papers and it wasn’t until the Chinese Communist Party actually implemented the model that it was something no one thought they would ever do.

Here’s more discussion on lockdowns, COVID-19, mortality rates and legal issues on The Rubin Report. ”

Was Inauguration A Hoax?

Yet another glance at the festivities during fake President Biden’s pseudo inauguration, reveals an avalanche of inconsistencies. There are so many things wrong and unorthodox when compared to previous inaugurations.

Perhaps the most glaring anomaly is the dress of the military staff on hand to assist with the activities.  A closer look at their uniforms reveals there are no ranks, honors or medals to be found on their jackets, unlike with military in similar ceremonies during the Bush and Obama administrations. At the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, dedicated to deceased service members, the long-standing inaugural protocol is for presidents to walk down the steps directly in front of the tomb, grasp the traditional wreath and guide it–with the help of the military–to a stand in front of the monument. At the 2020 inaugural, Biden and Kamala Harris do not walk down the steps, but enter from the left of the tomb. They don’t get to touch the wreath, which is already mounted on its stand, though Biden gives it an awkward brush with his right hand. Very strange behavior!

The third anomaly was the strange 21-gun salute. Unlike previous presidents, who received the salute immediately after being sworn in, Biden’s didn’t occur until he reached the tomb. It also included one minute and 22 seconds of silence, which also should have occurred after the 21-gun salute following the oath of office. Here’s more detail from The High Command, who also discusses the number of cannons used and the odd sequence of shots fired.

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