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Another Reporter Found Dead

Longtime South Florida investigative reporter Michele Gillen, who spent much of her career exposing the Clinton Crime Syndicate, was found dead of alleged natural causes. Gillen is the second reporter who probed the Clintons’ shady dealings to be found dead in the last week. Phoenix reporter Christopher Sign, who broke the news of the tarmac meeting between then Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, was found dead last weekend.

Riss Flex reports that Gillen chronicled the issues surrounding human trafficking in South Florida and exposed many inhumane things that were going on in government.  Flex says Gillen also played a major role in exposing the Clintons’ cozy relationship with North Korea’s slave labor and human trafficking violations during the Clinton Administration. Here’s more on the story with Flex.

All Roads Lead To Epstein

Leaked audio that was translated by the Washington Free Beacon exposed Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s threat to “jokingly” kidnap President Obama’s daughter to complete the lucrative nuclear deal. But was it really a joke? This is not the first time that Obama was threatened with his children being kidnapped by the Iranians. The governor of Iran’s Kish Province also pressured Obama in 2013 to lay off Syria or harm would come to his children.

The revelation, which was conveniently omitted by the mainstream media, exposes the length Iran was willing to go through to secure the nuke deal and again demonstrates how children continue to be used by the elite to extort, blackmail and control each other. Says Riss Flex, “Essentially all top Obama Administration officials were partners in crime with Iran.” And it won’t surprise you that leading the corrupt, manipulating heap were Hillary Clinton, John Brennan Leon Panetta and Joe Biden. They all ran in the same circles and all the chicanery traces back and is connected to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

In the following video, Riss Flex discusses Iran’s role in the elite pedophile ring, the connection to Epstein and how President Biden is already controlled and blackmailed by Iran.

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The Politics Of Human Cloning

With the avalanche of lies and deception emanating from government and mainstream media, it’s no wonder the majority of the electorate believes in conspiracy theories. And with the recent admission by The Washington Post that it dropped the ball on the Trump-Georgia election story and President Biden’s green-screen manipulation, who can blame them.

Either way, they’ve broken our trust and, says Riss Flex, there is now irrefutable proof that the media is trying to be deceptive, rather than biased. There are topics that are seemingly true due to all the information we have on the subject from many different sources, yet we still find it hard to believe, such as human cloning. Flex says she believes it’s real.

Though animal cloning has been prevalent for years, the topic of cloning humans is obviously more sensitive and political. President Clinton pushed for a ban on human cloning for the public sector, but not for the private sector. To date, eight states prohibit cloning for any purpose, including Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Michigan, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Virginia.

Truth is, cloning humans is occurring for different reasons, such as to harvest organs, for experimental purposes or simply for destruction. There are no federal restrictions on cloning kill, which should send a chill down your spine! Here’s more on the topic with Flex and, as always, use your own judgment.

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Was Inauguration A Hoax?

Yet another glance at the festivities during fake President Biden’s pseudo inauguration, reveals an avalanche of inconsistencies. There are so many things wrong and unorthodox when compared to previous inaugurations.

Perhaps the most glaring anomaly is the dress of the military staff on hand to assist with the activities.  A closer look at their uniforms reveals there are no ranks, honors or medals to be found on their jackets, unlike with military in similar ceremonies during the Bush and Obama administrations. At the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, dedicated to deceased service members, the long-standing inaugural protocol is for presidents to walk down the steps directly in front of the tomb, grasp the traditional wreath and guide it–with the help of the military–to a stand in front of the monument. At the 2020 inaugural, Biden and Kamala Harris do not walk down the steps, but enter from the left of the tomb. They don’t get to touch the wreath, which is already mounted on its stand, though Biden gives it an awkward brush with his right hand. Very strange behavior!

The third anomaly was the strange 21-gun salute. Unlike previous presidents, who received the salute immediately after being sworn in, Biden’s didn’t occur until he reached the tomb. It also included one minute and 22 seconds of silence, which also should have occurred after the 21-gun salute following the oath of office. Here’s more detail from The High Command, who also discusses the number of cannons used and the odd sequence of shots fired.

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