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Hollywood’s Anti-Christian Bias

Rainn Wilson, from the TV show “The Office,” called out anti-Christian bias in Hollywood, but then walked back his comments, apparently fearing the wrath of the Leftists. This follows a familiar path.

Few in Hollywood will stand with conservatives to fight the excesses of the LGBTQ activists. Witness the apologies extended by Mario Lopez, a star on “Saved from the Bell,” after he appeared on a show hosted by Candace Owens. More from Mark Dice.

What’s Jim Got To Hide?

How long has Jim Carrey been delivering bizarre, withering rants against President Donald Trump? How many times has Robert DeNiro flown off the handle? Obviously, these Hollywood big shots hate the president. But could there be multiple factors behind their insults? Perhaps they are among the Hollywood elite who have something truly nefarious and sinister to hide. Lions Republic Entertainment explores the possibilities in a new and timely video.

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Why would Comedian Rainn Wilson joke about eating HUMAN BABY MEAT and PASTA in 2010 on Twitter of all places? Why would Big League Politics cover up their own work?

Wilson, of course, played Dwight Schrute on The Office, where he was also a writer. The tweets that surfaced on Reddit from Wilson’s account mention eating human baby meat, draining blood from a child and the scarification of virgins. Wilson and his wife run a foundation in Haiti for disadvantaged girls called Lide Haiti. More from Bill Smith.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has censored and removed the Bill Smith video. In its absence, we present from Bitchute another video on Rainn Wilson from VikingVigilante.)


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