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Woke Hollywood Going Broke

Woke Hollywood studios and distribution labels lost more than half a billion dollars in 2022.

Major studios, along with streamers, cable providers and other media companies, netted a combined $808 million, down from $1.35 trillion in 2021. Woke outfits including the Walt Disney Company, Netflix and Comcast accounted for much of the bloodshed.  This is according to the annual report of the Dow Jones Media Titans index.

None of the other sectors of the economy suffered as much as Hollywood. Banking, for instance, fell 14.5 percent for the year and telecommunications 11.2 percent. In other words, these sectors had off-years, but none got routed and rejected so completely like Hollywood.

Will any lessons be learned? Are you kidding? Hollywood is not only leftist, but so degenerate now it will likely take many years to reform. More from All The Newz.

World War WEF

From Australia and Brazil to the United States, people everywhere are turning against the crazed leftists from the World Economic Forum. No more should these WEF idiots “guide” our national policies nor try to control our governments or run our courts. We must drive them into the sea. More from Clif High.

Blackrock ‘Wokified’ America

Woke companies like Blackrock are trying to push America to de-emphasize fossil fuels and move toward a “green” economy. Time to stick it to these geeks. More from Mr. Reagan.

Woke Culture Getting Destroyed

Woke culture is on its last legs. Everyone who’s pulling it out is starting to generate a much larger backlash. Just look at what’s happening to the idiotic host from The View: Whoopi Goldberg. More from Steve Turley.

If you need further proof that Whoopi Goldberg is a certified leftist whackjob, Watch as she threatens violence against Republican lawmakers over the 2nd Amendment, protecting gun rights. More from The Salty Cracker.

Disney Dives Off The Deep End

The Walt Disney Company has been run as a liberal fiefdom for many years. But now, the company is changing into a much more radical and pro-LGBTQ outfit, so rabidly enmeshed in the language and trappings of the woke that you probably should no longer take your kids to their theme parks or watch their rancid movies.

Here, a leaked Zoom call of Disney executives reveals what these extremist creeps have in store for children’s entertainment. More from Mark Dice.

Disney’s lurch to the left is costing the company a fortune and also eroding confidence in Disney. The Quartering says a “massive backfire” is under way. Both Disney employees and a large bloc of families have had enough of this insane company and its “woke” agenda.

Blackrock Pushes Woke Baloney

Why are so many corporations fully invested in the woke culture? It has to do with the asset management company Blackrock and its CEO Larry Fink.

Blackrock manages nearly $10 trillion in asset investments on Wall Street. To put that into perspective, the company controls more than the entirety of the British and French governmental budgets.

Fink has made it clear: Corporations that want to tap into Blackrock’s resources must follow rigid social justice guidelines. So even if these woke notions are manufactured and creating a caustic cultural war, the companies are pressing ahead.

They are caught between a rock and a hard place, more precisely, a blazenly hot place. They do not want to find themselves outside Larry Fink’s circle of friends. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

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