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Hollywood’s Anti-Christian Bias

Rainn Wilson, from the TV show “The Office,” called out anti-Christian bias in Hollywood, but then walked back his comments, apparently fearing the wrath of the Leftists. This follows a familiar path.

Few in Hollywood will stand with conservatives to fight the excesses of the LGBTQ activists. Witness the apologies extended by Mario Lopez, a star on “Saved from the Bell,” after he appeared on a show hosted by Candace Owens. More from Mark Dice.

This Is Very Big

Elon Musk’s single tweet reveals his next target and it’s huge. Learn about Elon dishing out the dirt on Anthony Fauci. More from Dave Rubin.

Now, we are learning the very dark and dangerous past of Yoel Roth, one of Twitter’s chief censors, who formerly served as the head of Twitter’s trust and safety team. What a strange position to hand over to a raving lunatic leftist who clearly had an axe to grind against conservatives, Republican politicians and, particularly, former President Donald Trump.

Musk over the weekend shared a few of Roth’s past tweets and what appear to be an excerpt from his PhD thesis about Grindr, the LGBTQ social media app.

Roth is quoted as saying that the app is possibly too “lewd or hook-up-oriented” for people under age 18, but that providers should “focus on creating safe strategies … for queer young adults” that aren’t just about hook-ups Said Musk, “Looks like Yoel is arguing in favor of children being able to use adult services in his PhD thesis.”

Fake news journalists squawked that Musk was putting Roth’s life in danger. Meanwhile, the University of Pennsylvania drew fire for blocking the Roth dissertation on the university’s website.  More from The Quartering.

It’s Not Looking Good

What are the differences between the Russian and the American armies? One of those units gears its activities toward fighting actual wars. The other is engaged in a battle of pronouns, trying to push social barriers on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community. Needless to say, one of those armies seems to be getting stronger while the other fades away, not even close to meeting its recruitment goals. More from Mark Dice.

Pelosi Smollett

The Paul Pelosi attacker who Democrats decry as a MAGA man actually has a hardcore leftwing history. Prior to the attack, he lived with Black Lives Matter activists as well as radicals pushing LGBTQ causes.

Also, there apparently was a third party on the scene at the time of the assault, an individual as yet unidentified. More from The Salty Cracker.

CNN Had A Little Accident

Watch as a camera topples over at a CNN newsite. Meanwhile, Mark Dice weighs in on Pride Month.

Forced To Circle Back

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki found herself in the unenviable position of defending more looney-tune comments from Creepy Joe Biden.

After labeling the MAGA crowd the most extreme group of people in recent history, Biden blurted the nonsense that next on their agenda was separating LGBTQ students from others in the classroom. When confronted by Fox News’ Peter Doocy on the issue, watch closely as Psaki uncomfortably backtracks on the facts. More from Liberal Hivemind.

It’s Pure Mind Control

The Grammy Awards used to be a music show. Now, it’s a platform for Satanist propaganda, badmouthing white people and pushing the LGBTQ party line. Mark Dice explains.

Teachers Push Gay Agenda

Leaked documents show teachers are actively pushing a gay agenda. More from Mr. Reagan.

The progressive/left is doing everything under the sun to completely eliminate traditional normalcy. That’s why men can compete against women in collegiate sports, and why the media propagandists named a man as Woman of the Year.

Today, the Biden Administration accelerated their efforts by attacking children’s health and exchanging eternal truths for lies. And while some states are acting to preserve life and freedom, others are making laws to not only kill babies after they’re born, but allowing lawsuits to be brought if the child is revived or given care. More from Lori Colley in a video she’s calling “The Official End To Normalcy.”

Disney Dives Off The Deep End

The Walt Disney Company has been run as a liberal fiefdom for many years. But now, the company is changing into a much more radical and pro-LGBTQ outfit, so rabidly enmeshed in the language and trappings of the woke that you probably should no longer take your kids to their theme parks or watch their rancid movies.

Here, a leaked Zoom call of Disney executives reveals what these extremist creeps have in store for children’s entertainment. More from Mark Dice.

Disney’s lurch to the left is costing the company a fortune and also eroding confidence in Disney. The Quartering says a “massive backfire” is under way. Both Disney employees and a large bloc of families have had enough of this insane company and its “woke” agenda.

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