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Isaac Kappy: The Present

Now’s an appropriate time to revive Isaac Kappy’s anthem focusing on the New World Order elites who control so much global business, including Hollywood and much of the corrupt American federal government.

How long before these child murderers face justice? How long will the limp press allow these killers to go unidentified and uncharged for their decades of brazen criminal activity? Why must children — society’s most innocent and defenseless citizens — be sacrificed to these greedy, adrenochrome-swilling pinheads?

Isaac Kappy helped many of us begin to see the vile, cannibalistic practices driving Hollywood scumbags like Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres, Robert DeNiro and Madonna. In return for divulging the truth, Kappy paid the supreme price — murdered along US70 near Bellemont, Arizona, while traveling from California to his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s time to show his efforts were not in vain.

Celebrities Extorting Businesses

Celebrities are pushing a new scam, trying to enlist businesses to invest on the side to get “well health” stickers from a private entity to show they are safety and health-conscience. With celebrities like Robert DeNiro and Chrissy Teigen endorsing these scumbags, undoubtedly they’ll get some takers. But businesses that go this route should be shunned, not trusted. More from Mark Dice.

The Covidfather

New York Gov. Anthony Cuomo makes Anthony Fauci an offer he can’t refuse: Who you want to be? Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro? More from Memology 101.

In Canada, fears surrounding the coronavirus have grown so extreme that now a doctor is warning citizens to wear masks if they’re planning to have sex. That’s right. No Schtupping outdoors in the wintry blizzards and none at all indoors, either, without proper shielding! More from Bearing.

Trump Will Not Concede

While President Trump gave his blessings to the GSA to continue with its transition duties, he made it crystal clear that he will not concede, especially when there are still questions about the process in which the votes have been counted.

Like a growing number of Americans, political vlogger Jeremy Griggs of DDayCobra can see that Donald Trump is built differently than your run-of-the-mill politician. “I don’t like the Republicans, I’ don’t like the Democrats. I don’t like the establishment. I’m a Trump supporter,” he says. He adds that America should sit back and let the legal process play through and let the cards fall where the may.

Tune in as Griggs tees off on AOC, Robert Deniro, Bernie Sanders, the mainstream media and the rest of the pathetic Left.

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Democrats, Media Blame Trump

Democrats and the lamestream media keep blaming President Donald Trump for the violence and riots in American cities. Who are they trying to fool?

These Leftist whiners have been pushing violence for the past four years. They have been advocating assassinating the President. Looting cities. Killing Trump supporters.

They have been paying for the looters who are destroying our cities. They not only give these miscreants “mad money” to burn, but also pay their bail bonds.

Remember the words of Robert DeNiro? Johnny Depp? Madonna?

Seems the Democrats started the fire, but now that it’s blazing and people are upset, they are afraid to own up and take responsibility for what they have done. Bunch of chicken shits! More from Mr. Obvious.

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Welcome to a world where money, power and women intersect – Washington DC!

Meet the BadFellas running the joint. Play along, and everyone’s happy, capice? But if ya double-cross us, Hillary’s gonna give you a BadFellas backrub, if ya know what I mean (wink wink).

This DeepFake Parody doesn’t just have one or two deepfake celebrities. There’s FIVE deepfake celebrities in all: Featuring:

Joe Biden as Leslie Nielsen
Robert DeNiro as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
Charlize Theron as Adam Schiff
Hillary Clinton as Kathy Bates
Steve Buscemi as Nancy Pelosi

More from Snarfblat.

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Wanker Celebs Exploit Kung Flu

The usual assortment of Hollywood and New York celebrity wankers are trying to exploit the Kung Flu to push their rancid environmental agenda. Everyone’s already forgotten about Greta Thunberg, but Madonna and Robert DeNiro have chimed in, hawking the climate change nonsense. How long before we hear from Michael Moore? Here’s Meme the Left with the news.

In Great Britain, it’s the Cuckdown! Pubs are closed, borders open! More from Paul Joseph Watson.

We Are Change takes us to Singapore, where roving robots are enforcing social distancing. The robots walk the parks and the streets, and ensure people are not congregating or in close contact. US police have quietly bought into this plan, and some departments are bringing these robots stateside.

Something bizarre happened with COVID-19. Do blood types and genes determine your hospital fate? There are few scientific studies as of yet. But one, out of China, suggests that individuals with the blood type A are much more prone to have severe COVID-19 reactions. More from Lisa Haven.


Celebs: As Sick As It Gets

Want to see just how sick Hollywood has become? Here are two videos that capture the extent of the problems. There is no narration, just images and sometimes snippets from emails or Twitter accounts or Instagrams. Watch and you will understand how openly Hollywood practices pedophilia, child rape and even murder and cannibalism involving kids. These people are not well. They are sick monsters and need to be charged and apprehended, and tried for their many crimes. We will never be silent on Stormy until creeps like Robert DeNiro and Steven Spielberg receive the justice they deserve.

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EntertheStars Reloaded takes us to medieval Italy to trace the beginnings of the plague. We see how the merchants of northern Italy — the Viscontis — adopted the symbol of a crowned serpent eating a child. How did these nobles use the plague to control their peasants? Has anything changed over the intervening centuries? Or do the same rituals and myths still apply to the coronavirus.

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The Open Scroll presents more children’s animation built around the watermelon. But what’s presented as a heavenly fruit in “Watermelon Song,” is more readily identified with Satan. These are greens, with red juice, not heavenly fruit that will quench your thirst forever. Here, we see how numbers and images betray what’s a sweet song on the surface, underscoring its sinister nature.

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Say what? Ghislaine Maxwell is back! And she’s staking a claim to Jeffrey Epstein’s fortune. More from Jamie Dlux.

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Roger Stone calls out John Podesta on Twitter, implying Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager is a pedophile. Random Rants of Ryan reports on the Twitter dustup, saying “Dude’s got some pretty large nuts!”

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It’s March Madness!

Lots of celebrities reportedly coming down with the cornoavirus — ranging from Tom Hanks and Heidi Klum to Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Did The Simpsons forecast Tom Hanks’ health crisis in advance? March Madness [brackets]: Cher, Hanks and Rita Wilson, Elton John, John and Chrissy Teigen, Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Robert DeNiro, members of the Royal Family, the Pope. More from TRUreporting.

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“If you see me in person, please, leave me be.” Tom Hanks in The Simpsons.

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Liz Crokin advances her theory that the coronavirus is a cover for mass arrests. Who will be arrested? Those involved in child trafficking and Deep State shenanigans. Notice how, already, the Deep State cartel’s foot soldiers, several hundred members of Mexican drug trafficking rings operating largely in California, have already been arrested. More speculation, although quite informed and logical speculation, from Crokin.

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The [Deep State]/Democrats have used their ammunition. Now the patriots are preparing to make their move. The patriots have been signaling and putting out messages that the stage needed to be set WW. The patriots have countermeasures in place, Think Emergency Alert System. More from the X22 Report.

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Q team goes dark yet the crumbs continue to come down from all directions. With all these 1 year and 2 year deltas – Q proofs hitting, and countdown markers, March proves to be an interesting month. More from Tron.

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What’s Jim Got To Hide?

How long has Jim Carrey been delivering bizarre, withering rants against President Donald Trump? How many times has Robert DeNiro flown off the handle? Obviously, these Hollywood big shots hate the president. But could there be multiple factors behind their insults? Perhaps they are among the Hollywood elite who have something truly nefarious and sinister to hide. Lions Republic Entertainment explores the possibilities in a new and timely video.

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Why would Comedian Rainn Wilson joke about eating HUMAN BABY MEAT and PASTA in 2010 on Twitter of all places? Why would Big League Politics cover up their own work?

Wilson, of course, played Dwight Schrute on The Office, where he was also a writer. The tweets that surfaced on Reddit from Wilson’s account mention eating human baby meat, draining blood from a child and the scarification of virgins. Wilson and his wife run a foundation in Haiti for disadvantaged girls called Lide Haiti. More from Bill Smith.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has censored and removed the Bill Smith video. In its absence, we present from Bitchute another video on Rainn Wilson from VikingVigilante.)


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