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Actor’s Brush With Satanists

Actor Ricky Schroder , who debuted in the 1979 film The Champ, talks about his experience with ritual sacrifice and the Satanic elites. This video was originally posted by InfoWars reporter Greg Reese, and duplicated here by Mr. Black Pill.

Russians Score Big Victory

Ruissians have seized control of Bakhmut, a city in the Ukraine that has been on the front lines of the fighting for nearly a year. Will this bring the war closing to an end, or will Ukraine — backed by the West — keep plugging ahead?

Also in this episode: Mainstream media lies, Hillary Clinton, Crimea, elections, grooming of minors by pedophiles! There’s more here from And We Know.

Schroder For The Save!

Lefties reeeeee as Ricky Schroder, the famed child actor seen in The Champ, has helped to bail out Kyle Rittenhouse. More from The Salty Cracker.

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