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Ex-Navy Seal Exposes Lin Wood

Former Navy Seal Dave Hancock says there’s a lot more under the surface as it relates to Lin Wood and the patriot movement, including shockingly turning on his client, Kyle Rittenhouse, following his acquittal in the Kenosha, Wis., murder trial.

Appearing on the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast, Hancock says that Rittenhouse, in an interview with Tucker Carlson after his acquittal, said that Wood kept him in jail and would not allow other attorneys to bail him out. Hancock says Wood then went on a smear campaign against Rittenhouse, calling him a stooge of the Deep State, among other things. Says Hancock, “He’s managed to be the most divisive force, absolutely with all patriots. Every single person fighting for the election integrity, fighting for everything across the board is now his enemy.” He explains further.

What’s The Deal In Ukraine?

Is the war in Ukraine a deal between Putin and Zelensky? RedPill78 explains, saying the Ukrainian crisis may be deeper, and much better, than we know. Also in this video: MSM lies and JR Majewski’s new campaign ad, rounding out with a German Insurance company starts asking questions about covid jabs.

John Mark Dugan, an American living in Russia, joins me to discuss the Ukraine intervention, Bioweapons labs and the simmering tensions that led to what we see today. Here’s a second followup report from RedPill78.

Here, Steve Turley discusses the conflicts involving Donetsk and Lugansk at the center of Russia’s dispute with Ukraine. He says there are conflicting reports on the extent of the war, so it will take a week or more before we can see what has happened. But he believes the liberal Globalist Order is now collapsing.

The Sleepover Guest From Hell

Kyle Rittenhouse has an amazing announcement. Also, an Oklahoma Congressional Candidate — a Democrat, of course, by the name of Abby Broyles — may not be getting elected, or even running after what she did at a kids sleepover. Puking in a 12-year-old kid’s shoes is the least of her many offenses.  More from RedPill78.

Parenting 101

A woman who badmouthed Rittenhouse’s parents have been murdered by her son. The victim is Marcia Chance of Lawrenceville, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. She died after being sliced with a knife over the Thanksgiving holiday, allegedly by her son, Varian Alexander Hibbert.  More from The Salty Cracker.

They’re Not Taking It Well

Self-proclaimed “comedian” Stephen Colbert is not taking the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal very well. The late-night TV talk show host demonstrates his clear hatred of the American Bill of Rights. He’s targeting the 2nd Amendment, but he might as well blast the 1st Amendment as well. Fatcats like Colbert think none of us should be able to express our opinions, or protect ourselves, if we aren’t flaming leftists cut from the same cloth as they are. More from Mark Dice.

Hollywood Hermaphrodites

McAllister TV launches an extensive two-part series dealing with Hollywood hermaphrodites. Most of these deceptive actresses are actually men masquerading as women. But McAllister TV also gets into women pretending to be men. Most of Part 1 is a deep dive into the 1946 film noir The Strange Woman, starring Hedy Lamarr and George Sanders.

What are we actually watching? Are we watching a show? How many of the actors and actresses are hermaphrodites, or women playing men and man playing women? Why did Hollywood try to pull off this ruse, not only in the 1940s but going into contemporary times?

Now Six Dead In Waukesha

Video of the moment Brooks was arrested, video from the bail hearing and another death has been announced with more soon to follow. The charges are racking up. More from RedPill78.

A good amount of the pro-Trump clickbait and disinformation you see on social media platforms comes from Macedonian click farms, largely operated by teenagers. Many are paid by companies peddling Trump coins. Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion explains how these click farms operate and also how he found out about them.

Wisconsin, racism, Rittenhouse…information warfare is under way at the highest levels. Pray! More from And We Know.

The Kyle Rittenhouse Case

The Kyle Rittenhouse case, 7 things you should know! What happened in the Kyle Rittenhouse case? Was it truly self-defense or was it an act of racial hate? You be the judge. More from AwakenwithJP.

The Fake News Cleanse

The [Deep State]/Fake news is losing the narrative at every turn. They lost the narrative with Kyle Rittenhouse and now with Darrell Brooks who ran down people during a Xmas parade. Dan Scavino sends a message that the media is going to be cleansed. The [Deep State] is now struggling. The storm is coming from every direction and now they are desperate. What do desperate people do? They do stupid things. This is exactly what we are watching. Trump says the country will be back soon. More from the X22 Report.

Don’t Skate On Me

The Kenosha Kid Walks! “Hey, kid! You can’t just kill people! That’s the government’s job!” More in a righteous rant from RazorFist.

The left is melting down, but sometimes, within their words, you can hear the truth….More from RedPill78.

Rittenhouse, Durham, Virginia! Justice is on our side! Propaganda and lies belong to the Democrats, weapons in their war machine. Pay attention to the slow drips! Pray! More from And We Know.

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