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The Mainstream Media Is Dead

The [Deep State] is trapped in everything they were trying to do to Trump. It has all turned on them and the people are awake. The trucker protests is so large that Justin Trudeau is panicking. The mainstream media is now dead. They have lost the narrative and they do not control the masses anymore. The tide has turned. The offensive is ready. The [Deep State] is preparing to create chaos and they are building the narrative. The world will not listen. The people are silent no more. More from the X22 Report.

People Will See The Tide Turn

The [Deep State] narrative is falling apart. The pandemic is coming to an end. World leaders are now admitting this and the [Deep State] is now backtracking, trying to cover their tracks. This is failing. Everything they did had nothing to do with science, especially Fauci’s recommendations.

Everything is now prepped. The patriots will begin the offensive. The initial wave will fast and meaningful. The [Deep State] will receive the message and the the people will begin to see the tide turn. More from the X22 Report.

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