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Gaming the Midterm Elections

Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott game out the midterm elections, no matter which way it turns out. What does the world look like if there’s a big Republican win? How about a huge Democratic win?

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Scott Adams, the creator of the cartoon Dilbert, discusses his role in popularizing the #jobsnotmobs slogan that the Republicans have adopted as their rallying cry for the midterms. Here, Adams also proposes a solution to the latest Middle East crisis involving the Saudis. Finally, he predicts that Republicans will surprise the country by turning out in record numbers for the midterm election.

Mika Brzezinski, co-host of the MSNBC “Morning Joe” Show, is beside herself reporting what is becoming more apparent: Republicans will make gains in the U.S. Senate and quite possibly hold the U.S. House.

Here’s one of the more lively campaign ads. Running for the Congress from California, Republican Elizabeth Heng brandishes her opponent, incumbent Democrat Jim Costa, by depicting him walking down the street in red high heels and kissing up to Nancy Pelosi. #CostaLaVista, baby!

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