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Every Dog Knows His Own

In Pursuit of Truth has his sniffer out for dog news. Seems every Democrat around the country, and half of Hollywood, are busy tweeting about dogs or making strange dog references. Otherwise here, In Pursuit of Truth gets into the manhunt for John McAfee. He’s tweeting out that he has beaucoup information on government corruption that he’s going to spill everywhere if the Feds keep hounding him.

More on the missing dog named Gumbo. Bill Smith expands upon an issue first raised by In Pursuit of Truth. Gumbo, says Smith, is the code name for Donna Brazile, the former DNC head who is now a Fox News contributor.  Democrats are not at all looking for a lost dog but rather for Donna Brazile, perhaps fearing something she might reveal.

Meadows says that the FBI knew within 60 days that the entire Russian problem was built on a pile of sand. Judge rules that the Comey memos should be released. The House is holding preliminary impeachment hearings. Pelosi and team pivots to create their own DOJ and mini FBI. FBI docs show that [HRC] was bossing around the DOJ on how to handle the email investigation. Trump’s tariffs worked, Mexico and the US agree to a deal. Mexico will help down at the border. The [DS] has now played their hand, they don’t know exactly when the Declass is coming and they don’t have enough ammunition so they switched tactics. They will just make those reporting something different seem crazy and radicalized. Don’t look here — look over there. McAfee tweets out that he has evidence of Government corruption. More from the X22 Report.

Mark Meadows has seen the docs and the Declass is coming, Carter Page was apparently not only a source for the FBI, but also the C_A and the State Dept. and they still set him up, FBI has released more Clinton Email evidence and it’s BAD. Barr speaks out about the dangers of working against the [DS]. More from RedPill78.

The dumb Leftist journalists at Vox have gone out on strike. They aren’t reporting the news while they hold out for a series of benefits, including bigger raises and better severance packages. Vox has been in the news a lot lately as one of their alleged “journalists” — Carlos Maza — pressured YouTube to deny the platform to conservative comedian Stephen Crowder. Of course, Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders is rooting for these lazy-ass idiots, so we’re hoping they all lose their jobs! Hopefully, more of these Leftist scumbags meet the pavement!

McAllisterTV shares this news as well as discusses: Federal investigator John Durham is “very dialed in” as he probes Obama’s FISA Court liars and is said to be “asking all the right questions.” Attorney General William Barr has said more than once that he’s not happy with the answers he’s gotten to date about the FISA requests. Who remembers the 1970s puppet porn Let My Puppet Come? Here, it’s connected to James Comey, the former FBI director with the big Howdy Doody fetish. Finally, there’s more about smelly pants Hillary Rodham Clinton and her visits to Jeffrey Epstein’s cannibal island in the Caribbean!!!




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