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Secret Papadopoulos Transcripts

Welcome to another edition of RedPill News! Today we have an update on my fellow researcher M3thods and he’s ok, just on a break. Also make sure to check out his new channel H1VEM1ND. Kellyanne Conway is facing Hatch Act charges, We also learn about secret transcripts of PapaD’s meeting with (secret spy) Alexander Downer, plus John Durham is hot on the trail of Brennan. Sean Hannity discusses the genius of POTUS and Pencil neck Schiff is caught lying – AGAIN! More from RedPill78.

The extradition papers have been signed. From the United Kingdom, Assange will be coming back to the US. The server brings down the house. George Nader’s lawyer is connected to Susan Rice. Trump approves of Flynn’s new attorney, Sidney Powell responds to Trump’s tweet about being Flynn’s attorney. The [DS] players are panicking. Think projection and mirror when reading their tweets. Trump just set up the [DS]. They are being cornered. Durham has a secret weapon. He is going right to the source, boom. Obama before leaving the White House deleted all his speeches on ICE. Japanese tanker hit with missile. Timing is the key. there are no coincidences. [Deep State] using coded numbers to communicate. More from the X22 Report.

Mr. Tweet is on the offense finally…and it is glorious. Here, Dustin Nemos explores the latest censorship moves by the Leftist social media platforms — platforms just itching for an anti-trust fight! Also, we learn about the mass arrests of some 1,700 pedophiles and John McAfee’s latest blowup against federal agents. Nemos also gets into the news from Congress, where Republicans are finally taking on the lying Democratic machine.

McAllister TV is on fire today, reacting to the vile Leftist lizards like Stephen Colbert with his latest Trump-Putin homosexual joke. Colbert sounds like he’s gone for too long without his adrenochrome. Soon, he won’t be able to stand to deliver his monologue. He’ll be writhing around on the floor like a snake! Besides Colbert, others dealt with here include New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, apparently a dude in cross dresses, and the ultra-ugly Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge. Where did they find that one? Underneath a rock alongside the Cuyahoga River?



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