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The Left Goes After Obama

The Left is furious over comments about masculinity made by…. former President Barack Obama. Andrew Klavan analyzes Obama’s comments and the Left’s angry reaction.

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One reason the Left is turning so ugly: They are getting more radical and extreme. Democrats, for instance, are now allowing Communists to infiltrate their party across the nation. Communists, some openly, some secretly, are working in Democratic campaigns, holding Democratic Party leadership positions, and even running for public office on the Democratic Party. More from Gina Shakespeare on Declassified with The Epoch Times.

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Obama: Conspiratorial Kingpin

We’ve all been thinking it, but finally, someone has seen sufficient evidence to say it out loud. Dr. Sebastian Gorka tonight got on Hannity and said this conspiracy to bring about a soft coup against President Trump came from the former resident of the White House — President Barack Obama. Democrats might continue to praise the Liberal, but let’s face the facts: He not only left the country economically stripped and destitute, but he blatantly attempted to blackball any and everyone who had a different political view than his. Bill Still reports.

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Watch for Obama Images

Q-Anon says images or videos will soon appear on the Internet showing former President Barack Obama wearing tribal gear and shooting an AK-47.  Some observers have even said the images will show him shooting at an American flag, although that’s not been confirmed by Q-Anon, so could be a stretch of what’s likely. There have been many Q-Anon posts over the weekend, and Destroying the Illusion’s Jordan Sather offers a quick update and analysis.

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In an update Sunday, Sather discusses the Trump Tower fire, an Apache helicopter crash that killed two airmen and Iran being hit by a global cyber attack. In addition, a top Vatican official has been arrested on child porn charges and another holistic doctor has been found dead. No one is saying yet whether it was murder or suicide.

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Barack Bans the Press

Obama recently appeared at the 12th Annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference at the Boston convention center. Ahead of the event, attendees received an email telling them that while Obama was speaking, any photography, video recording, streaming, and social media posting of any kind, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, all of it – was strictly banned, quote unquote, without exception. The Resident breaks it down.

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Obama Racism Scandal

On February 12th, the National Portrait Gallery unveiled separate official portraits of President Barack Obama and ex-first lady Michelle Obama. Former President Obama choose controversial artist Kehinde Wiley create his official portrait and while the quality of the artwork was widely mocked, the artist’s previous work raised significant alarm. Wiley has previously created several renditions of the “Book of Judith” Biblical story depicting Judith beheading the Assyrian general Holofernes. In Wiley’s rendition, Judith was transformed from a Jewish woman into a black woman, and Holofernes is changed from a man into a white woman. Given the clear racial overtones – why did President Obama choose this specific artist? Stefan Molyneux speculates.

Parents of Obama Girls

Who are the real parents of Obama’s daughters? Michelle Obama is a known transsexual, so how did she “give birth” to Malia and Sasha? Could Martin Nesbitt and his wife, Anita Blanchard, be the real parents of Michelle Obama’s “daughters?” The Nesbitts look very similar to the Obama girls and travel with the Obamas everywhere. Here’s some choice conjecture from Barry Soetoro.


Obama’s Wiretappers

As time goes by, it’s becoming more clear that President Barack Obama routinely broke laws and ran a scandalously biased and bigoted administration. We don’t usually see the truth in the media — they are too busy spreading their lies — but now we know Obama wiretapped Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort. The Truth Factory reflects on all this, plus why Dreamers hate Nancy Pelosi.

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