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Shadowland…Marching On

We are about to enter the shadowlands. What’s that? It’s a period of great uncertainty and chaos. The Big Ugly. All that we have held to be normal will collapse. Not only could banks crash and financial systems, but also reliable electrical grids, or water supplies, or everyday utilities.

Here, Clif High addresses how each of us need to draft plans for how we might cope if the shit hits the fan. Do we need a backup of diesel fuel or water? How about food supplies? Precious metals? You name it. And you are the one who draws up a plan pertaining to what you need.

This is a two-part video, as an electrical outage shut down part 1 prematurely — serving to re-emphasize Clif High’s message. Among the topics addressed: The collapse of the Central Banks, The Big Ugly, the Khazarian Mafia and Russia.

25 Days Of Diesel Fuel Left!

The energy crisis is upon us with the collapse of the supply chain, as the United States now faces a serious shortage of diesel fuel.

Josh Sigurdson reports that just 25 days of diesel fuel remains until the gauge hits empty, which is basically a death blow to the trucking industry and their effort to deliver food across the country. “The Great Reset is on our doorstep and creeping into our homes,” Sigurdson says. “They want you to be desperate so you accept their evil new world order technocracy agenda.” Here’s his report.

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