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Shadowland…Marching On

We are about to enter the shadowlands. What’s that? It’s a period of great uncertainty and chaos. The Big Ugly. All that we have held to be normal will collapse. Not only could banks crash and financial systems, but also reliable electrical grids, or water supplies, or everyday utilities.

Here, Clif High addresses how each of us need to draft plans for how we might cope if the shit hits the fan. Do we need a backup of diesel fuel or water? How about food supplies? Precious metals? You name it. And you are the one who draws up a plan pertaining to what you need.

This is a two-part video, as an electrical outage shut down part 1 prematurely — serving to re-emphasize Clif High’s message. Among the topics addressed: The collapse of the Central Banks, The Big Ugly, the Khazarian Mafia and Russia.

World’s Pension Funds Wrecked

Natural News’ Mike Adams reports that traditional pension systems of the world are done. He says we’ve reached the end of the money printing, fiat manipulating central banking fraud. He brings us the dire details.

Webb: More to Crimea Bombing

George Webb believes there was likely a more sinister ulterior motive leading to the destruction of Vladimir Putin’s bridge in Crimea. He says there’s a strong possibility the bridge was blown up by an underwater neutron bomb and not  a truck bomb that is being pushed by the clueless mainstream media and Deep State.

As for the motive, Webb says the event might well have been a war-escalation sham to cover-up the Rothschilds’ and globalists’ plan to use the explosion–and potentially others going forward–to obtain rich mineral resources and precious metals in the area. He explains further on Tommy’s Podcast with host Thomas Carrigan, plus discusses the possibility of the U.S.’s hand in the bombing.


SCOTUS Election Rumors False

Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay reports intel from a “high source” confirms the rampant rumors circulating that the Supreme Court has overturned the 2020 Presidential election are false.

If it were to happen in this manner, McKay says, it would implode Deep State factions and put the safety of the American people in peril. “It’s going to happen, but not the way these guys are telling you online,” he says. “It’s going to be done slowly. The Judicial Branch will not solve the problem because they are corrupt. You’re going to see the military step in at some point and it’s going to be showing all of it.”  More on this story, plus an update on the looming economic collapse.

White Hats Have It All

Martin Brodel reports updated intel from his source, who says those crooked Democrats, Rinos and Deep Staters who believe they’ve gotten away with stealing the 2020 election, better think twice. He explains why their actions were a waste of time, because they stole something that doesn’t exist anymore. Brodel explains further, plus brings us more intel.

Rate Hike Will Destroy Economy

Prospect Ridge Resources President Nick Luksha says an interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve would bring massive instability and crisis to the world economy. Appearing on World Alternative Media, with host Josh Sigurdson, Luksha says the hike would be so devastating, the price of gold could skyrocket by as much as 30 percent.

Though it’s unlikely the Fed will raise interest rates any time soon, Luksha and Sigurdson peer into the future and discuss the effects of such a move on the economy and precious metals.

Gold, Silver Supply Vanishing

Miles Franklin CEO Andy Schechtman says the supply chain for silver is the worst it’s been in 20 months and the prospects aren’t much better in the gold market.

Appearing on Liberty and Finance, with host Dunagun Kaiser, Schectman says the expansion in interest from people who have never owned precious metals before is extraordinary. He says investors have more money than they’ve ever had, are distrusting banks and searching for other ways to shelter their money. In the following video, he gives us more insight on the precious metals phenomenon.

Just How Dirty Is The Fed?

Bill Holter is a Financial writer and gold expert, Bill also helps individuals purchase and store precious metals. He collaborates with Jim Sinclair. Bill begins the conversation talking about Evergrande, discussing how this could become another Lehman moment. Then Bill talks about how dirty the Fed really is and since the two Fed Presidents were caught trading, people can see it all. The supply chain is in trouble and the economy is falling apart on [Joe Biden’s] watch. The people see it all. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

Hyperinflation Now Triggered

David Garofalo, Chairman and CEO of Gold Royalty Corp, returns to SGT Report to discuss the extremely dire outlook for the US Dollar and fiat currencies around the world, which are beginning to hyperinflate when priced in hard assets like copper, lumber, real estate, Bitcoin and precious metals. It looks like the Federal Reserve’s easy money policies have triggered the start of the destruction of the Dollar’s purchasing power. David explains that not only can’t the Fed stop it, they don’t even want to.

Who Are The Silver Shorters?

Road to Roota offers a rundown on the firms that have been shorting silver and holding down the prices of the precious metal for many years. Almost all of these firms are gigantic banking conglomerates like Barclays Capital Inc., Goldman Sachs & Company and ABN AMRO Clearing. The only big non-banking firm involved is Virtu Financial, run by Vincent Viola, once the chairman of the New York Mercantile Exchange. who else used to run NYMEX? Why, Bernie Madoff, before leaving to form Madoff Investment Securities!

Bix Weir returns to SGTReport to document the multi-decade international banking silver rigging scheme and the Reddit-Wall Streets Bets move to break it. As Zero Hedge notes, the establishment can print all the paper silver it wants, but there is no physical supply… and that likely ends badly for those attempting to suppress reality for too long.

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