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Vaccine Genocide Continues!

Josh Sigurdson says the vaccine genocide continues, with millennial deaths up another 36 percent! He says that, overall, we’ve seen a whopping 163 percent increase in deaths year-over-year,

Meanwhile, the media claims it’s unvaccinated people stressing out the vaccinated that is causing vaccine injuries. Here’s more with Sigurdson, who also reports on the return of mask mandates in California.

Died Suddenly

Here is the controversial documentary from Stew Peters that will result in Nuremberg trials over the Covid-19 deaths. Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world – even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet… we never seem to believe them.

The Stew Peters Network is proud to present DIED SUDDENLY, from the award-winning filmmakers Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer. They are the minds behind WATCH THE WATER and THESE LITTLE ONES, and now have a damning presentation on the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history.

Shadowland…Marching On

We are about to enter the shadowlands. What’s that? It’s a period of great uncertainty and chaos. The Big Ugly. All that we have held to be normal will collapse. Not only could banks crash and financial systems, but also reliable electrical grids, or water supplies, or everyday utilities.

Here, Clif High addresses how each of us need to draft plans for how we might cope if the shit hits the fan. Do we need a backup of diesel fuel or water? How about food supplies? Precious metals? You name it. And you are the one who draws up a plan pertaining to what you need.

This is a two-part video, as an electrical outage shut down part 1 prematurely — serving to re-emphasize Clif High’s message. Among the topics addressed: The collapse of the Central Banks, The Big Ugly, the Khazarian Mafia and Russia.

Is It Time For Amnesty or…?

Is it time for amnesty or justice?

Responding to an article by The Atlantic, written by Emily Oster. More from Really Graceful.

Pandemic Amnesty?

Hell to the no! More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Emily Oster wrote The Atlantic‘s whiny article titled “Let’s Declare A Pandemic Amnesty.” Not a chance in hell of that happening! More from Amazing Polly.

Dems Face Another Roadblock

The crony, corrupt, corporatist Democrat Party is reeling after its master plan suffered another major roadblock. The Senate Parliamentarian put an abrupt end to the Dems’ ridiculous amnesty plans, ruling the citizen path for illegals cannot be in its $3.5 trillion social-spending bill.

Fox News Congressional correspondent Chad Pegram reported, “The budget reconciliation bills, which Democrats were using to avoid a filibuster, must be strictly fiscal in nature and can’t add to the deficit.” Liberal Hivemind adds that the Democrats’ push to include amnesty in the bill was policy driven and a substantial blow to progressives in the party. Here’s more from Liberal Hivemind.

It Has Begun

Joe Biden has served a couple of days in the White House and, already, he’s mentally exhausted and needs a vacation. More from Mark Dice.

Styxhexenhammer666 says he’s laughing at everyone who actually voted for Beijing Biden, thinking he would do anything constructive. So far, “#BidenErasedWomen and sold out the left on amnesty and guns and disrespects the troops all day.”

DACA and Amnesty

President Donald Trump is offering a path to citizenship for close to two million DACA immigrants, and instead of being grateful, they are belittling the president and badmouthing the country as a bunch of racists. Judge Jeanine Pirro targets the cynical Democrats who have been exploiting these immigrants — bums like Sens. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., and Chuck Schumer, D-NY, as well as US Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-California.  Trump seems  mighty patient — if we were in his shoes, we would send these ungrateful whiners back to wherever they came from. More from Fox News.

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Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton offers his weekly update, this time covering the FBI text scandal, Department of Justice stonewalling, special investigator Robert Mueller, and the mess surrounding DACA and amnesty.  Keep an eye on DACA, as Trump seems to be caving in on his campaign promises in what appears to be a long-shot effort to gain Democratic approval for the border wall.

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Why are the Democrats pushing DACA? It has nothing to do with the fates of the immigrant children. Leaked memo from the Center for American Progress admits that a DACA amnesty is critical to the Democrats’ future electoral victories.

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