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Sick Evil Exposed

The mainstream media doubles down on its lies about Hunter Biden. We all are coming to understand the alleged President’s son is one sick, evil crackhead: Not only drawn to pornography but a certified child rapist who would be locked away in prison, except we now have a double-standard of justice in America. JustInformed Talk discusses the Hunter Biden particulars as well as other Deep State coverups and Big Tech’s bloodlust.

Just how despicable is Hunter Biden? Here, Candace Owens discusses his hideous antics with Sean Hannity on Fox News. Hunter Biden’s cracked, crooked teeth are commonplace among heavy crackheads. It would be bad enough for him to be traipsing around with strippers and hookers, but he also has a fiendish taste for pre-teens. Not cool at all! More from Exposing Corruption.

Hunter Smoked The Cheese

Just how big a crackhead was Hunter Biden? President Joe Biden’s son now admits he sifted through his carpet looking for Parmesan cheese to smoke during his crack binges. Joe might call him the smartest man he knows, but we’ll call him what he is: A frigging cheese fiend — appropriate company for the Democrats! More from The Salty Cracker.


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