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Mazes R Evil! Demon Planet!

Christian 21 preview! Giant Voice military alert system! Negative orbs! Draconian Royalty! Mazes are evil! Seven messages! The Big Wheel Ride! Demon dumping grounds! More from McAllister TV.

Our Nation Has Gone Evil

There shouldn’t be any question at all whether children should be medically altered to appear as if they’re another gender, or if kids should be shown inappropriate material in school, or if toddlers should be exposed to drag shows. But yet, this is all now being shoved down the throat of society.

So, Glenn Beck just wants to ask: WHY? Why is it that so many people now want children as an audience to these things? It’s time to call this trend what it is: Evil.

Sick Schools, Sick World

A pervasive sickness infects our world. The perpetrators of this sickness target our children and turn our schools into havens where evil pervades.

Joe Biden’s federal henchmen rule as if they were Caligula reincarnated in modern society. These Satanists do not observe the U.S. Constitution or promote freedom. Instead, they push a crippling censorship and use the law as a weapon against Christians.

Here, And We Know surveys all this evil, as well as taking a global look — especially toward Great Britain, where Liz Truss resigned after leading the government for 45 days.

Illusion, No More!

The [Deep State] is now stripping the illusion away. Their roles that have been used for years are no longer working. Now, they are reacting out of panic and fear and people can see their true selves.

When Trump allowed the [Deep State] to move into the White House, he did it so he could see the entire board and to see who was loyal. Those who thought that they won allowed their true inner person to come out and Trump was able to see this very clearly.

Now [Joe Biden] and the puppet masters are so panicked that they have removed their roles and the people can now see their true inner evilness. More from the X22 Report.

You’re the most awake you’ve ever been and you know it! Each day provides more exposure of who [they] really worship! Educators brag about what they teach our children! j6 patriots in jail to be pardoned if Trump wins? More from And We Know.

Clones Living Among Us?

Could human clones–complete biological duplicates–soon be living among us. Jay Myers, of, says they already are, according to some researchers.

In the following clip from his documentary, Myers says multiple whistleblowers have testified to human cloning by highly classified, black-budget military projects. One of those whistleblowers, George Green, says we’ve been making clones since 1938. He added that cloning research was far ahead of what the public was led to believe. Here’s more from Myers.

I Changed My Mind About Evil

I changed my mind about Evil… Here’s why.More from AwakenwithJP.

[Deep State] Pushes Violence

The [Deep State] is panicking. The people are not with them. The FBI/Department of Justice are in trouble. They are the minority and the people are seeing what dictatorship looks like.

There was no reason to raid Trump’s home. He was cooperating and they already knew what he had. The warrant needs to be unsealed.

But was this part of a bigger plan to push riots across the country? Will Trump play his hand and declas it all so the people can make up their own mind. Declas will bring down the entire house. More from the X22 Report.

Corrupted judges. Evil Biden regime. Fear pushing us on multiple levels. More Democrats are jumping ship. Data on jobs and masks. More from And We Know.

They Are Slaughtering Us!

Humanity faces a dire threat from monsters who “are slaughtering us,” unleashing Covid-19 to bring about the demise of us all. That’s the assessment of retired Thai microbiologist Sucharit Bhakdi, co-author of the best-selling book Corona: False Alarm?

Bhakdi shares his views with Peter Breggin, singling out Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci as among the “most diabolical and evil” of the Covid criminals. These are not men who show any impulses whatsoever to protect or safeguard humanity. Rather, they are “devilish and satanic” fiends who need to be held responsible for their cruel and callous efforts to depopulate the planet. More from Freedom Matters.

Who Are These People?

There’s something going on that doesn’t seem normal. We now see encouraging signs of world leaders, many of which were labeled as evil, doing good things to save millions of lives. But the speculation is mounting that this isn’t real, which begs the question: Are they all body doubles or clones?

The Digging Lost Freedom podcast suggests that Vladimir Putin, perhaps the most evil man on the planet, now goes after evil. Kim Jong-un is not Kim and Xi Jinping is hard to research. The following video features fantastical clips of the stunning differences between their old selves and how they appear today. Are we truly in the Matrix? Please use your own discernment when viewing the video and judge the material for yourself.

The Fake News Is Falling Apart

How do you force, break and restrict the [Deep State] without mass panic? Has the enemy been exposed? Is the fake news falling apart? Hear more details of the most amazing plan every drafted to clean up a wicked and evil government. Pray. More from And We Know.

Richard T. Railey knocks it out of the park, explaining how the World Economic Forum and its Satanist allies have been trying to push us into yet another insane and useless war, this time against Russia. Time to skip the war party and instead expose every last one of the Globalist puppets: Among them, George Soros, Klaus Schwab and the members of the Rothschild banking family.

These hideous fatcats not only need to be stripped of all their powers but also physically punished and all of their cartels, non-profits, unions, forums and other functionary organizations forever outlawed and banished from the face of the Earth.

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