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CERN Eighth Sphere

The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and intuitive mystic Gigi Young discuss CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, based in Switzerland. Is its purpose activation of the Eighth Sphere, a sort of alternate world reality for our planet? Is this a place where the banished are sent?  The discussion also delves into UFOs and time dimensions.

Kabbalah And Esoteric Religion

Sometimes translated as “occult knowledge”, Kabbalah is the ancient tradition of mystical interpretation of the Bible and other ancient texts, first transmitted orally and using esoteric methods (including ciphers), reaching the height of its influence in the later Middle Ages and remains significant in certain religious sect and occult orders and societies. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

VRIL, Hitler and Star Wars

What are the connections between Hitler and his chief propagandists and the modern-day Star Wars films? What elements of esoterica connect them? Are these binds scientific or religious? Also, what are the VRIL, the secret community founded in the 1800s, based on Bulwer Lytton’s novel The Coming Race. More from Isaac Weishaupt.

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In case you want to learn more, here is the full 2008 documentary Dark Fellowships: The Vril, that is frequently quoted throughout Isaac Weishaupt’s work above.  Also of interest: the four-part 1992 documentary The Occult History of the Third Reich, which is also available in its entirety on YouTube.

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Is Aldebaran the star that Satanists worship? Is it the infamous Molech Kult Star? EntertheStars Reloaded explores this possibility.  He says, “Could this be the famed, biblical Star of Remphan? It sits exactly between Orion and the Pleiades Seven Sisters (which God claims as his own in the books of Amos and Job.)”

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Finally, we offer a short piece on Maria Orsic, one of the leading women involved in the Vril Society. She was part of a group of women who supposedly communicated with an advanced civilization living on a planet near the star Aldebaran, or Alpha Tauri, in the constellation Taurus some 65 light-years from our Sun. Much of the information on the Vril Society has been erased, following the defeat of the Nazis in WWII. Some charge that was done by the Rockefeller Foundation at the behest of Standard Oil. The reason: Transmitted Aldebaran technology reportedly included a formula for endless energy.

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