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Who Built The Pyramids?

Gigi Young discusses several of the big secrets surrounding ancient civilizations, opening with: Who Built The Pyramids? Other key topics covered here:

  • Humanity’s advanced past, including Atlantis and Lemuria.
  • The Role of Inter-Dimensional Beings (Aliens) on The Earth
  • Is There a Campaign to Spread Alien God Propaganda?
  • Dark Beings Lie About Their Identity For Their Own Gain. More from Mad Malloy.

The Mars Mysteries

In plain sight, the alien God myth. Let’s explore the theory that the Nazis developed anti-gravity spacecraft because of a visceral tie with the aliens of Aldebaran. Secret societies including the Vril and Thule propagated these ideas, and received direct instructions on how to build the requisite craft. More from Gigi Young.

CERN Eighth Sphere

The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and intuitive mystic Gigi Young discuss CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, based in Switzerland. Is its purpose activation of the Eighth Sphere, a sort of alternate world reality for our planet? Is this a place where the banished are sent?  The discussion also delves into UFOs and time dimensions.

The Eclipse Interview

Gigi Young joins the Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for a discussion on Mars, Elon Musk, Nazis and the UFO File. They get into Stargate and mystery school concepts as well as how the Greys have started to mix in human DNA to save themselves from extinction. This turns toward a discussion of transhumanism and the obsession with DNA and genetics.

Dark Journalist All Stars

The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt offers an all-star collection of clips from the UFO File. The focus is on the X arrival in a special report featuring interviews with Dr. Joseph Farrell, Gigi Young, John W. Warner IV, Catherine Austin Fitts and more.

The Transfer Of Occult Powers

In this video, Gigi Young explores the hidden dynamics of occult energy transference, including an energy update (read on the current collective energy).

The energy harvested during mass occult rituals functions as a continuum, meaning that the energy from one event must be carried over and become the foundation of the next event. In this video, Gigi explores the hidden dynamics of occult energy transference.

Elites Ready To Go Off-World

Elites are preparing to go off-world. That’s one of many fascinating conclusions unleashed by Gigi Young in a new interview with Daniel Liszt, the Dark Journalist. Among the many topics discussed: Mars, UFOs, hybrid DNA and psychic space rituals.

Young is an esoteric researcher and intuitive.  She connects the dots between the modern-day Elite obsession with colonizing Mars and the attempt to change the origin story of humanity with the glorification of AI and lower Inter-dimensional beings masquerading as Gods.

Prepare for a wild ride, encompassing everything from the rocketry of former Nazi Wernher von Braun to Atlantis technology and Uri Geller.



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