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Narcissism Went Global

Narcissism isn’t just a personality trait, it’s a system of control. I go through the basics and then offer ideas on how to end it. More from Amazing Polly.

Jim Acosta Loves Jim Acosta

Jim Acosta of CNN: Prime candidate to receive the award for leftist virtue signaling. Narcissist extraordinaire. More from Mr. Reagan.


Narcissists And #Funerals

Today, we explore people who take vanity photos with the deceased. More from JoeyBToonz.

Narcissists And #BeverlyHills

Today we explore a town where people take photos of themselves all day. More from JoeyBToonz.

Narcissists And #SocialMedia

Best moments from Joey B’s Narcissists and #SOCIALMEDIA series. More from JoeyBToonz.


Today we explore people who post vanity photos under #PrayForAfghanistan. More from JoeyBToonz.

Narcissists and #Socialmedia 12

Today we explore the current state of the influencer apocalypse. More from JoeyBToonz.

Narcissists And #SocialMedia

Today we explore people who post videos of themselves doing nothing. More from joeybtoonz.

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Krauthammer Analyzes Obama

Celebrated syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer attempts a little armchair psycho-analysis on the never-ending enigma that is President Barack Obama. In addition to his Pulitzer Prize-winning column in the Washington Post, Krauthammer is also certified in psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

“He’s not manic, and I don’t think he’s depressed,” Krauthammer says. “Without invoking any expertise, Obama is clearly a narcissist. In the non-scientific use of the word, he is so self-involved, you see it from his rise. Here’s a man who says, ‘I don’t do theater,’ but 2008 was theater, including the Greek columns he had at his speech at the convention in Denver.” Krauthammer offers more diagnosis on a recent appearance of The Steve Hewitt Show.

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