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Transhumanism! Jewel DNA!

QAnon: Future Proves Past! They are transhuman!  The Black Awakening! False flag sacrifices! Reptilian Jewel DNA! Shapeshifting Zuckerberg! Military complex! Secret space program! They eat children! More from McAllister TV.

There are giant corporations that sell humans as slaves! They monetize human DNA and create transhuman assets! Physically modified cyborgs! Reptilian shapeshifters in high places! Secret space program! They breed humans for food! More from McAllister TV.


Of Stargates And Portals

The Inca Civilization was an amazing empire, though no written record of it remains. Fortunately, the Incan culture did leave us a myriad of myths and legends, including the strange depictions at Nazca, a city and system of valleys on the southern coast of Peru.

Perhaps the most intriguing piece of art is that of The Waving Man, who experts theorize is the actual representation of a deity emerging from a portal or stargate. The depiction shows signs relating to the Sumerian Abzu, the domain of the god Enki/Ea, his consort Damgalnuna (Damkina) and his mother Nammu, as well as being the home of a number of his peculiar creatures. Enki was believed to have ruled the Abzu prior to mankind’s creation. The reality of Abzu is confirmed in Sumerian texts and other ancient writings.

Are The Waving Man and the similarly mysterious massive Peruvian megalithic structure known as The Devil’s Gate in Peru, near the Bolivian border, ancient representations of some sort of power source or physical passageways holding the potential for wormhole or stargate possibilities? You be the judge. Here’s more with BuzWeaver in this episode of The Lost History Channel TKTC.

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Creepiest Place in the Universe

Bootes Void, without a doubt, is the darkest, loneliest and largest place in the universe, with the exception, perhaps, of the cold spot. Also labeled The Great Void, Bootes Void is an enormous expanse of empty space in the middle of the Bootes Constellation, extending 350 light years in diameter.

An expanse of this size should usually contain tens of thousands of galaxies and trillions of stars. But the Bootes Void is basically a patch of nothing smack in the middle of the universe–no particles, no molecules, no noise, no dust, no rocks. While the mystery has baffled scientists for decades, theories abound.

Could this expanse be the other side of a black hole-turned-wormhole? Or home to the most powerful virus in the universe? Or perhaps a universal alien civilization that controls all the energy from its host star? Tune into Sea for more.

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Where’s Our Future Technology?

Don’t expect time travel, aka teleporting, to be commonplace anytime soon. Think about how man went from flying across the ocean to landing a man on the moon in 50 years. Since that historic event in 1969, technology hasn’t exactly stayed afloat with our creative minds. Still no flying cars, teleporting from Earth to Mars or zipping through a wormhole. Vsauce2 host Kevin Lieber explains that there are a few problems still to be worked out.

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Life Takes a Design

Actor Morgan Freeman, who also hosts the Science Channel’s “Through the Wormhole,” has perpetuated the idea that man created God. But ZoNation’s Alfonzo Rachel isn’t buying Freeman’s liberal stance nor the far left’s interpretation of creationism. “Life just doesn’t happen,” says Alfonzo Rachel in his blurb on this video. “It takes a design. And a design takes a designer.” Rachel  goes after Freeman, the far left and evolution in this edition of “ZoNation.”

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