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King Cobra Venom Pandemic

Venom, cobras, digital soldiers, NYC subway shootout….more exposure of the [Deep State] evil! Pray. More from And We Know.

This week another US city was terrorized by a black man on a shooting spree, while the FBI ignored the threat seemingly because of his skin color. Everywhere we look, we find our Department of Justice and the FBI protecting the preferred classes and punishing regular Americans. They are not getting away with it, and the truth is gradually being exposed. More from Lori Colley.

Biden Pushes Millionaire Illegals

President Biden wants to give up to $1 million per family for illegals separated from their children at the border—under the Trump administration. We’ll also look at the crazy actions of three schools seeking to indoctrinate children in the LGBTQ agenda. Plus, huge election news out of Wisconsin! More from Lori Colley.

Three stories guaranteed to make your blood boil and get you on your feet: A man punches a woman on a subway and the cowards on board do nothing, Racine Co. reveals massive election fraud and indictments are coming and finally Biden’s plan to pay illegals could bankrupt the country! More from RedPill78.

If you think Joe Biden got 81 million votes, put down Hunter Biden’s crack pipe. So says Kari Lake, running for Governor of Arizona.

She’s but one of many Biden critics quoted in this edition of And We Know. It comes as two versions of “Let’s Go, Brandon” top the ITunes charts, ahead of the latest Adele release.  Also covered here: The latest John Durham reports and the walls are finally closing in on the crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Sadhguru: Drastic Depopulation

Spiritual leader and yogi Sadhguru said at a recent conference on world population that it’s much easier to control depopulation than peoples’ aspirations. He decried that we’re projecting the world population to reach 9.4 billion by 2050, when we should be discussing how to reduce it to 4.4 billion.

The comment angered podcast host Martin Brodel, who says, “He wants to decrease drastically. These people, we mean nothing to them. It blows you away, when you listen to these poeple and you hear how cold they really are.” Hear more of Brodel’s rant, plus how owners of Subway want Megan Rapinoe booted as their spokesperson and the continuing violence on Chicago’s southside, among other items.

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