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This Ain’t Good

Pelosi meets Pelosi meets Pelosi to shed some light on the January 6th Select Committee. Talk about a Trump job! More from The United Spot.

Dems Like Deer In Headlights

Desperate Democrats seek relevance for their January 6th insurrection hoax on primetime TV. When you have no platform or accomplishments to run on, pivot to focus on another hoax. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

The January 6th clown show comes to primetime TV in hearing kickoff. What are the Democrats dishing out now? The same crap they’ve been slinging for the past year. More from Mark Dice.

Meanwhile, The Gateway Pundit reported how several of the leaders of the U.S. Capitol Building incursion were Ukrainians, attached to the Neo-Nazi Azov Brigade. These include Sergei Dybynyn and his associate, Jacob Anthony Chansley. Many of you have seen Chansley, but do not know him by name, but rather as the shaman, who wore a buffalo headdress. Here is a link to The Gateway Pundit story, drawing upon the research of Mary Fanning and others.

King Cobra Venom Pandemic

Venom, cobras, digital soldiers, NYC subway shootout….more exposure of the [Deep State] evil! Pray. More from And We Know.

This week another US city was terrorized by a black man on a shooting spree, while the FBI ignored the threat seemingly because of his skin color. Everywhere we look, we find our Department of Justice and the FBI protecting the preferred classes and punishing regular Americans. They are not getting away with it, and the truth is gradually being exposed. More from Lori Colley.

Different Hoax

Different Hoax…It’s the Democrats’ theme song, the gobsmacking bundle of lies they play out over and over again with the aid of a compliant mainstream media.

The Flu Magically Disappears

Flawed PCR tests are flooding the country with false positives and the seasonal flu has magically disappeared–again! RenaudBe reports that corrupt, sellout health departments are renaming everything, from the flu to a minor cold, as Covid, Delta, Omicron and any future variants they can think of.

“These people are criminals and need to be arrested for economic sabotage and treason,” Renaud Bedard says. He points out that if the CDC officially admits the PCR tests are inaccurate in differentiating between Covid and the flu, then it’s an admission of guilt, and the number of Covid cases being reported is fake news. Here’s more.

Covid Pandemic A Hoax!

Dr. Derek Knauss, a Ph.D in virology and immunology and a clinical lab scientist, says Covid-19 is a fraud, based on multiple analysis of supposed Covid positive samples from California.

Knauss says when he and his lab team analyzed 1,500 CovidĀ  samples in California, using advanced technology, they found no evidence of the virus in any of the tests. “What we found was that all of the 1,500 samples were mostly Influenza A and some were Influenza B,” he says. “But not a single case of Covid.”

RenaudBe reports that even the CDC couldn’t provide proof of the Covid-19 virus, when asked to make comparisons with a specimen. Akin to every legal challenge in courts throughout the world, governments could not supply legal proof that the Covid-19 virus really does exist, making all their Covid restrictions, mandates and medical harassment totally useless. Not to mention unconstitutional, illegal, against the Nuremberg Code and a stain on our basic human rights. Here’s more from RenaudBe.

Tiki Torch Hoax Backfires

A Tiki torch photo in front of Glenn Youngkin tour bus has been revealed to be a hoax. Youngkin is a Virginia businessman and Republican candidate for governor in the state election scheduled this Tuesday. The Tiki torch brigade masqueraded as rightwingers, but was actually made up of Democrats joined by members of the Lincoln Project.

That’s a left-leaning group of GOP extremists who have spent more than $300,000 trying to defeat Youngkin. Apparently, they aren’t as honest as Abe Lincoln. More from Mr. Obvious.

Who are the Democrats that posed as rightwing extremists? Lauren Southern exposes a few of these phonies.

Nobody Could Have Imagined

Brian Stelter of CNN hits No. 1 — with a bullet — on Amazon. His new book Hoax miraculously rose to the top of the heap for a minute or two. But then Stelter appeared on C-Span and itr was all downhill from there. More from Mark Dice.

CDC Admits A Hoax

The Center for Disease Control is finally blowing the lid off the coronavirus pandemic. Turns out the numbers of fatalities liked to coronavirus have been greatly exaggerated. States and cities, hospitals and nursing homes have been counting all kinds of deaths as coronavirus deaths. The actual numbers are only a small fraction of what we thought.

Now, of course, the mainstream media is going into hyperdrive to cover up the truth. They have been lying all along, and don’t want the public to know how much outright fraud has been committed. More from Lisa Haven.

Here’s another take on the center for Disease Control revising its coronavirus numbers. Ramzpaul calls it the biggest hoax of the 21st century.


The Voynich Manuscript

One of history’s biggest unsolved mysteries is a lone copy of a 240-page tome that sits buried in Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. The Voynich Manuscript, carbon dated to 1420, has baffled cryptologists for centuries because no one can figure out what it says. Experts say the tome has all the characteristics of a real language, only one no one has seen before. Is it a hoax or a book of secrets? Learn more from Ted-Ed.

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