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Think Of The World Awakening

Future proves past…enjoy the show. Should the lights go out, know that we are in control. 10 Days of Darkness. The Great Awakening. Military control. We are winning bigly.

The scare tactics of the mainstream media and Democrats are failing. Promises made, promises kept. We are prepared and assets are in place. More from And We Know.

ChristianPatriotNews delves into the Q-posts from 2018 and says we can expect military tribunals to begin soon. How does the [D]epartment of [D]efense deal with terrorists and enemy combatants? The military is the only way, and the tribunals are the military’s chief tool to arrest and try terrorists or enemy combatants.

Look for the Law Of War Manual to come into play. Those charged will be arrested following the unsealing of indictments, and taken to Gitmo for trials.

Also in this edition, ChristianPatriotNews explores The Twitter Files initiated by Elon Musk, the Defense Department’s single largest civilian contractor.

Juan O. Savin: It’s Game Time

Juan O. Savin says there was always a plan and now it’s game time! He says the patriots are mulling a variety of strategies, the most important being how to involve the citizenry in the overall plan.

Savin says Americans are fed up with Washington, D.C., and the incessant lies. “More and more, the citizenry and the states are shouldering up together and coming up against that and it’s become an indefensible position,” he says. Appearing on Unrestricted Truths, with host James Grundvig, Savin explains further, plus he dissects The Law of War manual and its key role in the plan.

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