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Mandates Breaking Deep State

Lawsuits, treason, banking systems and mandates are breaking the Deep State. What are the keywords behind this crisis? How is the information war being framed? How does the human trafficking of children extend across the globe? Pray. More from And We Know.

The [Deep State] is now being brought to where the patriots want them. With each lie, with each censorship, the narrative will be impossible to maintain. The people are now seeing the truth. Trump and the patriots are in control. Soon there will be maximum transparency. The people will see all the crimes. The [Deep State] is now being eradicated. Soon, the [Deep State] and the Democrats will cease to exist. More from the X22 Report.

The Political Science Of Masks

Trish Regan says mask mandates have become about one thing–politics. Sure, the left wants you to think it’s all science, but the reality is, it’s political science. She calls out the elite’s hypocrisy in this edition of “The Trish Regan Show.”

Maher Calls Out Covid Tyranny

Bill Maher, uber-leftist host of “Real Time” on HBO, has had enough of the Covid deception, speaking out against restrictions, mandates, vaccines, boosters and the tyrannical medical establishment.

In an interview with Deadline, Maher said he’s over Covid and wants to live life normally, adding he opposes all lockdown restrictions and refuses to get a booster because it’s absolutely useless. Josh Sigurdson explains further in this episode of World Alternative Media.

England’s Sinister Psyop

Josh Sigurdson warns that England’s call to end all mandates and lockdowns is nothing more than another twist in their sinister psyop.

The reality is, this has only just begun. Dropping all mask and vaccine restrictions will result in increased deaths from the jabbed and, in turn, be blamed on the lack of compliance, resulting in more insane mandates. “People are going to feel a breath of freedom, release some stress and then they’re going to be grabbed by the throat,” Sigurdson says. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Japan Rejects Dystopia

Japan has embarked on a far different course than the Western world. There are no  lockdowns, no covid mandates and and no forced vaxx. In other words, Japanese leaders aren’t as brazen or as dumb as Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau or the rest of their ilk. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Nurse: Covid Victims Murdered

Morgan Wallace, former registered nurse at New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, N.C., unleashed her fury on the New Hanover County Education School Board of Education on the evils of Covid-19.

Wallace says she walked out of the hospital on mandate day and started her own practice treating Covid-related illness. She says patients were needlessly dying because of government-withheld policies for treating Covid. “Everyone who died with Covid should be considered murdered,” she says. Here’s the rest of the story from Not Fake News.

The Omicron Invasion

Renaud Bedard doubles down on the hoax that is the Covid-19 pandemic. “There is no Covid, no Delta variant, no Mu variant, no Beta variant, no Omicron variant, no Omega variant and no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny variant. It’s all BS to make Big Pharmaceutical companies shareholders richer, with stolen taxpayers money,” he says.

He says the Covid mandates are nothing more than recommendations, not law.  Government challenges in any court of law would fail, since supplying a single virus specimen isolated in a laboratory would be futile. Here’s more from RenaudBe, and please use your own discernment.

The Awakening Is Unfolding

Dr. Michael Beckwith delivers a powerful message about what is unfolding right in front of us throughout the world–the transformation of what’s happening right now.

He says despite the crazy government policies and mandates, we are in the middle of a great awakening and the crumbling of the old paradigm. “The higher frequencies always win and the frequency of love is the most powerful,” he says. Here’s his mirrored address on Free Your Mind, courtesy of the Laura Aboli account on Telegram.

No Escaping For Deep State

The Deep State is so entrenched in their antics, they can’t back out now. On The Fringe’s Dan Radiostyle says they’ve got egg on their faces practically everyday now. He updates us on the Assange extradition, Ghislaine Maxwell trial, the truth-busting on Covid, what China’s been threatening and consequences surrounding the lying politicians, and their mandates and lockdowns. Here’s today’s edition of On The Fringe.

Covid Pandemic A Hoax!

Dr. Derek Knauss, a Ph.D in virology and immunology and a clinical lab scientist, says Covid-19 is a fraud, based on multiple analysis of supposed Covid positive samples from California.

Knauss says when he and his lab team analyzed 1,500 Covid  samples in California, using advanced technology, they found no evidence of the virus in any of the tests. “What we found was that all of the 1,500 samples were mostly Influenza A and some were Influenza B,” he says. “But not a single case of Covid.”

RenaudBe reports that even the CDC couldn’t provide proof of the Covid-19 virus, when asked to make comparisons with a specimen. Akin to every legal challenge in courts throughout the world, governments could not supply legal proof that the Covid-19 virus really does exist, making all their Covid restrictions, mandates and medical harassment totally useless. Not to mention unconstitutional, illegal, against the Nuremberg Code and a stain on our basic human rights. Here’s more from RenaudBe.

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