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End Covid Repression

Parts of America still demand that kids and vaccinated adults wear masks, even outdoors. Australia and China enforce even more tyrannical lockdowns. But now that vaccines protect most of us from serious Covid reactions, continuing such mandates is cruel. 

Denmark gets it, recently ending all Covid restrictions. The costs of restrictions now dramatically outweigh the benefits. “We, in the United States, should do the same,” economist Don Boudreaux says. “We reduced COVID, through vaccination, to a fairly mild ailment. We don’t have to continue to upend human life in our quest to eliminate COVID, which can’t happen anyway.” Here’s more with Boudreaux on the John Stossel channel.

Mandates Are Satanic Rituals

The now-common Covid-19 pandemic restrictions of masks and social distancing are nothing more than Satanic, pagan rituals, says Michael Cadena, host of the Brother Michael podcast. “You’re taking part in a Luciferian ritual … willingly,” he says.

The following video collage shares a clip of Brookfield, Wis., parent Heidi Anderson lashing out at the Elmbrook School Board over the mandates. “Six-foot distance and wearing masks are pagan rituals of Satanic worshippers,” she says. “Where does 6 feet come from, people? Why is it not 3? Why is it not 5? … Why is it not 30? Why is it 6?” The video includes other testimonials and a telling headline from Lin Wood, confirming that these practices are indeed Satanic rituals. More from Brother Michael.

They Want You Broke!

Josh Sigurdson reports we are witnessing crazy protocols and insane inflation, which will most likely lead to a monster economic collapse for the record books.

Take New York, where government is turning to the desperation and dependence game, subsidizing the massive poverty of citizens and businesses, all in the name of frivolous Covid lockdowns and mandates. And this trend is proliferating across the nation. Rather than open up the economy, officials are opting to flood the system with more money, sending the proletariat into deep debt. They literally want us broke!

It’s become a centralized technocracy that can only spell tyranny. Here’s more with Sigurdson on World Alternative Media.

No Vax Passport, No Freedom

The tyranny of the COVID generation continues to flourish across the planet. Their blueprint: Draconian lockdowns, mandates and, now, the new wonder of the Deep State–the miracle vaccination. Get your vaccination and you’re rewarded with a green passport and your freedom. No vaccination, no freedom!

Never mind the facts. The CDC has reported for months that 94 percent of the people who have died from COVID had 2.6 pre-existing comorbidities. In other words, the people that are dying are elderly with pre-existing chronic conditions. Author and publisher of Trends Journal, Gerald Celente, blames “daddy’s boys,” such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for spreading misinformation and Deep State rhetoric, while their constituents bear the burden. “These are clowns, one after another and the people vote for them,” he says. “All the libtards up here–not liberals who have open minds–but libtards, all these Woodstockers who want to tell you what to do.”

Celente, subbing for Alex Jones in this segment of InfoWars, also tees off on the Biden Administration, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, more of the medical tyranny and gives us an interesting take on Bitcoin and the financial markets. Tune in for more of his fiery presentation.

Uprising Is Imminent

While the government continues its baseless lockdowns and mandates muzzle people worldwide, the level of tolerance is rapidly disappearing. Josh Sigurdson, of World Alternative Media, is reporting that people are waking up in droves and the backlash from the unemployed and impoverished is boiling over. It’s just a matter of time before the people strike back!

You need only look at New York City, where 92 percent of restaurants are facing bankruptcy and are currently unable to pay rent, though the government continues to hammer them with more restrictions, a trend that hasn’t let up since early last year. Meanwhile, in Detroit, countless residents have had enough. Almost 15 percent face homelessness when the moratoriums on rent expire. And north of the border, in Canada, business owners are facing hefty fines as they continue to open against mandates for the sake of feeding their families.

One must ask why people are so quick to stand up against tyranny in Europe, while Americans and Canadians, who like to pretend they’re independent, do almost nothing about the vast level of authoritarianism they’ve faced on a daily basis? Sigurdson gives us some answers and analysis in the following video.

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