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Bloomberg Gun’s A-Blazin’

Diane Feinstein (circa 1995), Mayor Bloomberg and Sam Donaldson self-righteously denounce guns. Also, did you know that porn allegedly hurts short-term memory? Find out Stephen Green’s response to this interesting tidbit, plus all the other wacky internet items, on this Week in Blogs episode. H/T PJTV

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Dems Love Dwarves & Porn

What’s the connection between Jesse Jackson, Jr., dwarves and pornography? Find out on the Week in Blogs as Stephen Green shows you footage of Michigan union thugs beating a Fox News Contributor, in addition to the truth behind President Obama’s job creation numbers.

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Liars and Gas Bags

See the gas bag of the week, hear the question of the week, and experience the big lie of the week, on this Week in Blogs. From Cairo protests to Chris Matthews and the other maniacs at MSNBC, Stephen Green brings you the must hear and see items from the web.

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The Botox Amendment

Nancy Pelosi illustrates her mastery of the Constitution — not! — in this edition of The Week in Blogs. Plus Stephen Green introduces a naked man on a horse, an Alec Baldwin stalker, a Twitter war and a very scary, scary chart. H/T PJTV

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Gov. Christie’s Inner Democrat

Brace yourselves: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie warned that tax hikes are coming. Has Christie always been a closet Democrat or has Hurricane Sandy left him with little choice? Find out as Stephen Green brings you The Week In Blogs, including Obama’s plans to increase welfare spending, in addition to Rep. Paul Ryan’s warning to Obama. H/T PJTV

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Michael Moore’s Latest Sleaze

In an election cycle where Democrats just couldn’t resist spewing venom and obscenities, Leftist douchebag Michael Moore topped the rest of the profane pack with a political ad featuring some crotchety biddies who needed their mouths washed out with soap. In this Week in Blogs, Stephen Green suggests euthanasia for these creepy crankcases, as well as for Ted Turner, who expressed glee over a report of American soldiers driven to suicide. Anyone wondering how our news media turned so vile need look no further than Ted Turner.

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The Boss, The Bird, The Binders

Some thuggish Obama supporters beat the son of a Wisconsin State Senator. Hear why. Plus, Stephen Green brings you the details about Sandra Fluke’s impressive rally in Nevada, and Bruce Springssteen’s ode to Obama on the Week in Blogs.

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Porn Gets Behind Obama

The porn industry backs Obama 5-1. “Ah, no surprise there,” says pundit Stephen Green. “Everyone in that business is used to getting professionally screwed.” Also find out who told the biggest lie of the week — Vice President Joe Biden, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) or First Lady Michelle Obama? Green brings you all this, and the latest on the Benghazi attacks, in this Week in Blogs.

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Sex Panther: Meet the Prince

One of President Barack Obama’s former classmates says he claimed to be of royal lineage — an Indonesian prince or Kenyan king. All the better to unleash the sex panther inside. Hear more about this revelation, as well as The Young Turks’ pronouncement declaring the election officially over, in Stephen Green’s The Week In Blogs. H/T PJTV

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Matt Damon on OPEC Payroll

OPEC is bankrolling a new Matt Damon film that opposes fracking for oil and gas in America. The film, The Promised Land, is due out early in 2013. If Middle East oil producers are now underwriting Hollywood’s Green movement, wonder how much they are spending to buy and control our politicians? Stephen Green examines this explosive conflict in his latest Week in Blogs. He also touches upon┬áVice President Joe Biden promise that every American will have a free rectal exam, just as President Obama encourages men and women to vote like their “lady parts” depend on it. H/T PJTV

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