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Saturn, Santa And The Sabbath

We almost missed this Pop III update from Sir Patrick Mack. Would have made more sense to present it a week ago, but having always followed In Pursuit of Truth, we’re not going to wait a full year to bring it to you.

Here, we’re introduced to Saturnalia and the winter solstice, as well as the paganism wrapped into the Christmas season.

The video later focuses on the rise of Communism in Russia, and the attacks against the Emperor.

A Luciferian Winter Solstice

Jessie Czebotar returns to Sarah Westall’s program to continue helping us understand what the Luciferian cult believes. Today’s show we discuss what the significance of the rare alignment on the winter solstice between Jupiter and Saturn means to the Luciferians. What do they have planned for that day? Also we discuss the Netherlands and the fact that they are one of the world’s main trafficking hubs and the largest supplier of child pornography. This is a two-part video series and we present both videos here.

Lost History Of the Ancients

When we marvel at the workmanship of ancient structures, we are reminded that such wonders as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids were the work of primitive people. Yet the complex architectural indifferences are mind-numbing. The fact is, that 5,000 years ago, humanity was not equipped to build such edifices. We did not have the know-how to understand such tasks until many millennia later. So, was there an advanced understanding that existed that was lost to history, or did these ancient things predate this wave of human existence. Here’s more with narrator Buzz Weaver on the Lost History Channel.

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Saturn and the Black Sun

The Roman statesman and philosopher Marcus Cicero called Saturn, Phainon, a word meaning “shining”. Saturn is where we get our name for Saturday, and Saturnalia was probably the most popular festival of the Roman calendar.

Saturnalia evolved into Christmas we celebrate today. Saturnalia was basically a week-long orgy — a lawless, drunk festival, filled with human sacrifice, murders, gambling and pagan rituals. The origins of mistletoe and cutting down trees stem from this celebration. It lasted every year during the winter solstice, December 17th through the 24th. Robert Sepehr is an author, producer, and independent anthropologist.

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