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Bill Gates Faces Death Sentence

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates faces an Oct. 5 death sentence after being found guilty of a host of charges, including child trafficking, pedophilia, murder, public health endangerment, conspiracy and money laundering.

Real Raw News correspondent Michael Baxter says Gates was convicted by a U.S. military tribunal, headed by a three-officer panel, that convened over the past few weeks at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

Vice Admiral John G. Hannink of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps led the prosecutorial team while David Baluarte represented the Gates’ defense team.

Much of the testimony involved Gates’ heavy ties with the vaccine industry. In 2011, he distributed a vaccine in poverty-stricken regions of India designed to protect recipients against a “super polio.” Instead, some 41,000 children suffered debilitating side effects, up to and including severe crippling and death. Hannink charged that Gates had fabricated the “super polio.”

“By his own documents, Gates and his people had waged a massive marketing campaign to convince the people of India that his ‘super polio’ was resilient to current vaccinations and that only his product, which he personally endorsed, could stave off the imaginary, virulent strain. He had the audacity to handfeed his poison to innocent children,” Vice Adm. Hannink addressed the tribunal.

Also covered in the trial: The death of some 27,000 Africans in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, killed by a drug Gates was claiming as a cure for HIV.

To read Baxter’s full story about the death sentence given to Bill Gates, here is a link to Real Raw News:

Here is Tom Youngjohn reporting on the Gates trial:

JonBenet Murder: A Deep Dive!

Deep Dive into the JonBenet Patricia Ramsey murder case! Were the police inept or were they covering up for the killer? Open windows! Unexplained toys! Footprints near Jon Benet’s body never followed up on! Why did the police and the prosecutor ignore this evidence? Why did the media keep blaming the parents? What’s the connection with Lockheed Martin? More from McAllister TV.


Brennan Dead, Comey Up Next

Former CIA Director John Brennan has been executed after being found guilty by a military tribunal. That is the word from Linda Paris and Dilara Esengil, appearing Saturday on McAllister TV. Brennan was hung following his trial. He stood charged on crimes including treason and sedition.

Brennan is not be the only member of Barack Obama’s former administration to face death. Former FBI Director James Comey also has been found guilty. He is set for execution no later than July 4. Supposedly, Comey’s death will come via guillotine.

Here, Paris and Esengil say a pallor hangs over Hollywood as the long-awaited tribunals begin to accelerate. Among those who could face trial and execution are Tom Hanks, Kevin Spacey and Chrissy Teigen. Also, tribunals await many Washington politicians, among them, Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

The White Hats have everything! Central among the crimes: The trafficking, rape and execution of children. This is part one of a two-part conversation. Look for the followup tomorrow.


Red Wave Coming In 2022

Polls and analysts, including from far-Leftwing network CNN, are now forecasting a massive Red Wave in 2022. How massive? Republicans could well take control of both chambers of the Congress — the House and the Senate.

Fueling the rise? Not only the inept Biden administration, which has allowed steep hyperinflation, but also the defund the police movement being pushed by radical Leftists, resulting in huge spikes in murder rates in American cities from coast to coast. More from Steve Turley.

Seth Rich Murder Revisited

A Kidnapping CAUGHT ON VIDEO Outside COMET PIZZA? The Seth Rich MURDER revisited…WHO was at the HOSPITAL That night? Pat Toomey SHAPESHIFT video! PIZZAGATE Is REAL! More from McAllister TV.


The World’s A Dangerous Place

Utopian thinking makes it more deadly. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

The WeatherMen III

In Pursuit of Truth examines last summer’s surge of violence, seemingly touched off by the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis, Minnesota, police officer Derek Chauvin. But was that really the cause or was Antifa and Black Lives Matter already programmed and ready to go off — like one of those Acme explosions in the Roadrunner cartoons.

In Pursuit of Truth goes where our tired and leftist mainstream media refuses to tread, exploring the deeper routes behind violence in America and the twisted manipulations of the Deep State.  Was the George Floyd murder really about police brutality and systemic racism? Let’s return to the killing of George Floyd and see what we find.

Who Killed The Black Dahlia?

In early January 1947, a woman walking to the store on a quiet Saturday morning, came upon a horrific sight: the body of a mutilated young woman, posed in an empty lot, sporting a ghoulish grin, that had been carved into her face with a butcher knife.
The woman held back the impulse to scream, quickly scooped up her little girl and ran, as fast as she could, to a neighbor’s home to call the police.

What would eventually unfold would be a mystery that has stood the test of time.
To this day, many who read the sad story of Elizabeth Short, still search for the answer to the enduring question:

Who killed the Black Dahlia? More from McAllister TV.


The Boiling Frog Effect

If you keep playing along with the demands of your Bully Boy leaders and giving into coronavirus restrictions, guess what? You will simply be subjected to more restrictions. You are the laboratory frog that is being twisted and tormented and boiled, before being dissected and turned into a scientific experiment. More from Computing Forever.

If you are advocating for lockdowns, you are complicit in tearing families apart. You are complicit in inflicting untold suffering on millions of people around the world. You are complicit in casting the poorest and most vulnerable in our societies into even further grinding poverty. You are complicit in murder. More from The Corbett Report.

China Whistleblower Tells All

A China Communist Party (CCP) whistleblower says that the recent allegations against the Biden Crime Family are absolutely true. Known simply as Mr. Lude of Lude Media and a YouTube blogger from Mainland China, he has worked tirelessly to expose the corruption in the CCP, delivering the information to American news outlets and directly to President Trump.

Mr. Lude steadfastly confirms that the information on the Hunter Biden laptop is factual and this revelation is just scratching the surface of the family’s corruption. Shockingly, Ukraine has confiscated a second Hunter Biden laptop and it doesn’t end there. Says investigative journalist Riss Flex, “Mr. Lude explains everything. There’s not just one hard drive by Hunter Biden, there are many. And as the Biden family continues to backstab their people–the people that they signed dirty deals with internationally–we will start to see these hard drives pop up. There’s literally a hard drive for every country and they have some terrible, gruesome abuse on them.”

But the plot begins with Ukraine, considered the technical, intelligence and military hub in Eastern Europe and it is squarely under the CCP’s thumb. Not only does China pull the strings of the Biden family, but through heavy investment in corporate America, it also controls the American media. Says Mr. Lude, Why do you think you don’t read anything about the Biden allegations in the Wall Street Journal  or New York Times?”

When you pull the proverbial cover back on this sordid tale, it’s a story of collusion, espionage and outright murder, all part of a China Communist Party plot to impose globalization and enslave the world. Here’s more from a Lude Media video obtained by Flex.

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