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Queen’s Dead

What’s the dark truth behind the Queen secret pagan occultism? More from JustInformed Talk.

Exploring The Gateway To Hell

The pagan version of hell is not the same as the Christian version where you get tortured and punished. The gates of hell are various places on the surface of the world that have acquired a legendary reputation for being entrances to the underworld. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

Saturn, Santa And The Sabbath

We almost missed this Pop III update from Sir Patrick Mack. Would have made more sense to present it a week ago, but having always followed In Pursuit of Truth, we’re not going to wait a full year to bring it to you.

Here, we’re introduced to Saturnalia and the winter solstice, as well as the paganism wrapped into the Christmas season.

The video later focuses on the rise of Communism in Russia, and the attacks against the Emperor.

Sacred Bloodlines

Before Christianity existed, there was what is now commonly known as Paganism, which is also called Polytheism, the belief or worship of more than one God. Various triune or triple goddesses were commonly seen in ancient religions. The details of the rites, ceremonies, and beliefs were kept secret due to persecution, and consistently preserved from antiquity. As their core teaching became unacceptable, the Goddess teachings became the “Mysteries”.

Anthropologist and author Robert Sepehr explores in a video called Sacred Bloodlines and Mysteries of the Goddess. He notes how some organizations have asserted that Mary Magdalene’s bloodline was of a special lineage, and that her children survive in the royal houses of Europe.

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Pope May Add Climate Sin

Pope may add climate sins. Pope Francis is talking about adding new ecological sins involving climate change. How did the pope buy into pagan dogma? If there’s ever someone who’s going to burn in Hell, it will be the Pedophile Pope, along with his child-raping friends. More from Jason Bermas.

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Sinister Origins of Valentine’s

Americans are spending billions of dollars for Valentine’s Day, buying flowers, cards, chocolates and gifts for their sweethearts and loved ones.  But what most folks don’t realize is that Valentine’s Day has its origins in some deep and dark places — ancient lands where pagan religions were celebrated. Here’s the true holiday lineage.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Our original video disappeared off YouTube, so we have substituted another video exploring similar themes, from CamelotDaily, on Bitchute.)

Will Witt wears a MAGA hat to the University of California at Irvine to see if he can score a Valentine’s date. More from PragerU.

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Queens of Heaven

Queen of Heaven was a title given to a number of ancient sky goddesses worshiped throughout the ancient Mediterranean and Near East during ancient times. The Queen is the chief goddess of the pagan pantheon, known by various names in the various nations, notably Ishtar in Babylon, but also Inanna, Astarte, Ashtoreth, Aphrodite, Venus and others. Here, these goddesses are introduced by Robert Sepehr — author, producer and independent anthropologist.

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Secret Pirates of 1492

Over five centuries after Christopher Columbus’s death, we take a fresh look at what motivated the famed explorer to make his voyage across the Atlantic. Jamaica, the luscious Caribbean island that was then the home to descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Jews who converted to Roman Catholicism and sought a safe haven from the inquisition.

Many of the signs of heresy and deemed as witchcraft found in the Inquisition can be related to pagan traditions, and rituals concerning an ancient alchemic relationship to nature. That said, in Roman Catholic countries, the courts insisted on burning witches. In Protestant lands, they were mainly hung.

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The History of Christmas

“The History of Christmas,” a production by the History Channel, details interesting facts about our most celebrated holiday. For instance, did you know that the birth of the Christ Child was a mystery because the Bible never mentions when he was born. Since pagan Rome already celebrated the birth of Mithra on December 25, it is theorized that the church adopted the date as the brith of the Christ Child. In the fourth century, the church made it official, declaring December 25 as the Feast Day of the Nativity.

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