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Bumbling Biden Imploding

Joe Biden is imploding before our eyes. This utterly fake president, whose cronies literally stole the 2020 election, has proven to be an abysmal disappointment. He’s so big a bumbler and idiot he makes Jimmy Carter look like Winston Churchill by comparison.

Now, Biden has sealed his fate as a one-term disaster by announcing he is cutting off all oil and gas imports from Russia. This comes after he had already curtailed the Keystone pipeline, ending the possibility of Canadian oil replacing the lost Russian supplies. Biden also has severely restricted drilling on federal lease lands.

What’s the consequence of this man’s bumbling? Hyperinflation that’s going to go through the roof, and turn members of the middle class into destitute paupers. If you think we are seeing surging prices at the gas pumps, wait until you see what lies ahead! More from Steve Turley.

Spock, Capt. Kirk To The Rescue

“We don’t have a political position,” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer claims. “Democrats think reporters are on their side. They expect it,” says Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes.

What’s this, liberal bias infiltrating the media? The mere thought of the media taking sides doesn’t sit well with the Star Trek crew, sending Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk into action to save the world from the scheming Democrats in this political parody on the lighter side of life. The Ovation Eddie video is courtesy of Free Your Mind.

Deep State Female Targets

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt explores the Deep State assassination of Vicki Morgan on July 7, 1983 in Los Angeles, California. Morgan, a voluptuous model, had been the backdoor mistress of Alfred S. Bloomingdale, the heir to the Bloomingdale’s Department Store fortune.

Bloomingdale has been called “the father of the credit card,” as he developed the Diner’s Club card. He also was a major player in Hollywood, first serving as an agent for Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland, and later working as an executive at Columbia Pictures. In addition, he was perhaps the biggest donor on record to Ronald Reagan in his gubernatorial races in California as well as his Presidential races, notably his successful defeat of Jimmy Carter in 1980.

But Bloomingdale had many dirty secret habits. He not only kept Morgan as his mistress, but involved her in brutal sadomasochistic practices. He liked to pick up prostitutes as well as models or actresses for short flings. Sometimes, he administered severe beatings to these women.

After he died of throat cancer in 1982, Morgan insisted upon a monthly “palimony”  allowance of $18,000 he had promised her. His wife, Betsy, objected and cut Morgan off. A courtroom fight ensued, ending with her subsequent murder.

This is a fascinating case. It involves super-rich players in sadistic games of sex and criminality high up in Hollywood and political circles. Much of what we know about Bloomingdale mirrors the sordid and skankier affairs of Jeffrey Epstein.

This is a 3-hour-plus dive, so it might take you a couple of settings to digest it all. There is a short technical blackout at the front. If you want to bypass the snafu, start at the 7:00 minute mark.

Inflationary Spiral Worsens

Never mind the bumbling naysayers from Joe Biden’s inept administration. What they were describing as “temporary” inflation is now spiraling out of control. It’s apparent the United States will be wrecked by the worst inflation we have seen in 40 years, a persistent inflation that could well transform into hyperinflation. More from the Wolf Street Report.

Inflation hits 5.4 percent in June — a half percent above expected. This is the third straight month where inflation surpassed expectations. In other words, the Biden administration can’t keep calling this temporary or transitory. Owing to Biden’s pathetic and rancid economic policies, Carterism is back baby! More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Repeating The Carter Mistakes

Bob Kudla Joins me to discuss the worsening Biden economy, the fact that we seem to be reliving the mistakes of the Carter era and the possibility of the pipeline shutdown being a Deep State mission. More from RedPill78.

Israel, gas shortages, rockets, Iran. Evil distractions “by any means necessary.” Sound familiar?

The Democrats and their Deep State allies are wreaking havoc once again! Some things never change. More from And We Know.

Some of the smartest people out there are starting to worry about hyperinfation and our Mad Max future. Lynette Zang joins SGTReport to discuss.

Joe Biden’s Puppet Show

We’re here to talk about somethin’ important! Joe Biden’s amazing puppet show. Come on, man! More from FreedomToons.

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Trump Not Finished Yet

For those of you who believe President Trump is finished, think again. Four years is an eternity in politics. In this episode, Larry Elder looks back at other politicians the mainstream media and pundits claimed were done after a loss or two. The most celebrated was Richard Nixon, who lost his Presidential bid to John F. Kennedy in 1960, then was soundly defeated by Pat Brown for the governorship of California in 1962, before winning the White House in 1968.

So don’t assume Trump will disappear anytime soon. After all, it won’t be the first time his adversaries underestimated him.

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History Of October Surprises

The October Surprise has become a strongly entrenched and anticipated slice of American presidential campaign politics, although with varied impact, according to historians Craig Shirley and Doug Wead.

The phrase apparently first entered our lexicon during the Jimmy Carter-Ronald Reagan campaign cycle in October 1980, which was dominated by the Iran Hostage Crisis that gripped the country’s psyche. The fear for Republicans was that Carter would gain freedom for the hostages in the 11th hour, improving his chances for a second term. It was former CIA director and then Reagan campaign manager William Casey, who coined the phrase October Surprise and the Republicans began using the expression prominently in the media to play into the cynicism that had grown in previous years about Carter playing politics.

Shirley and Wead join Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly for more October Surprise history, including President George W. Bush’s DUI incident and President Trump’s Access Hollywood tape.

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Strange Virginia Beach Timing

Destroying the Illusion examines the mass shooting at Virginia Beach, happening within a day of new gun control messages delivered by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. You almost might think they had advance notice of when another shootout would occur. Also, Jordan Sather reacts to the Sean Hannity special program “Deep State Reckoning.” Finally, the History Channel has a new UFO program.

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McAllisterTV uncovers a 1976 presidential candidate, Ernest Miller, who ran on an independent campaign to defeat the Illuminati and save the American Republic. Miller visited many states but collected  less than 1 percent of the vote in the election, won by Jimmy Carter over Gerald Ford. Also here, we get a look at Albert Pike and his plan for a third World War that would pit the Muslims against the Jews, and leave Christians and atheists bowing down to the Satanists. The truth will be ugly!

Oh yeah, this happened, they say. Croww777 returns to SGTReport to discuss NASA, the occult and the official lies of the Deep State.

Was Paul Combetta, the computer specialist who deleted Hillary Clinton’s emails, raided last night? Mueller and Weissmann are caught withholding evidence from Gen. Flynn. Andrew McCabe getting nervous. Also, there has been a possible Ebola connection to downed Cessna off Florida coast. More from RedPill78.

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Bunker Goes Off On Democrats

Fed up with Washington and politicians, Archie Bunker rails on the plight of the Democratic Party in this classic edition of “All in the Family.” Archie tells Edith, “The Democrats are going to have us over the hill to the poorhouse. And we ain’t going to be able to drive over there ’cause we ain’t got no gas, we’re going to have to walk it.” Check out Bunker’s rant in this special edition of LOL and the lighter side of life.

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