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SNL’s Most Offensive Jokes

Believe it or not, Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” hasn’t always been politically correct.

In this rendezvous into the lighter side of life, Colin Jost and Michael Che swap some of the segment’s most offensive jokes that still appeared to entertain the audience. Video courtesy of Best Ever Entertainment Channel of All Time.

Comedic Backlash For Uncle Joe

The Benny Show reports that comedians have come out of the woodwork to unleash on Joe Biden in a savage comedic backlash. Not only is the Saturday Night Live uber-liberal crowd having a great time making fun of Uncle Joe, but he’s also hearing it like never before from late-night hosts, such as Jimmy Fallon.

The Benny Show says there’s nothing original about the backlash. Even the late Robin Williams was way ahead of his time when he ridiculed Biden years ago. Here’s a hilarious compilation of the comedic assault, as we celebrate the lighter side of life.

The Metal Detector

Sharon Stone makes her way into the lighter side of life in this vintage clip from Saturday Night Live, where airport security suspects her of being a terrorist.

When Stone fails to make it through the metal detector to board her flight, TSA employees (Dana Carvey, Rob Schneider and Kevin Nealon) force her to remove articles of clothing, much to their delight. Prepare for plenty of laughter.

The Substitute Teacher

Chris Kattan roles into the lighter side of life with his part as incoherent substitute teacher Suel Forrester, who puzzles students with his babbling, in this vintage Saturday Night Live skit. Video courtesy of SNL.

Conspiracy Theories, No More!

Just as the mask mandates are ending and the coronavirus pandemic appears to be over, Saturday Night Live finally tackles the jaw-breaking hypocrisy and phony propaganda surrounding these mandates, vaccines and Covid-19. This “timely” comedy takes place over a dinnertime talk among a group of friends.


Home For The Holidays

Eddie Murphy gives an all-star performance as his “family” gathers around the dinner table to reflect on the holidays. The skit is courtesy of Saturday Night Live in this special edition of the lighter side of life.

The Moth Joke

We continue to embrace the lighter side of life with a tribute to beloved comedian Norm Macdonald in this hilarious rendition of his iconic moth joke.

In this vintage clip, the Saturday Night Live alum, who died last week at age 61, keeps host Conan O’Brien and the “Conan” audience in suspense with the longer version of the joke, before reaching the punchline. Video courtesy of Team Coco.

Child Sex Scandal Hits SNL

A lawsuit has been filed alleging that Saturday Night Live comedian Horatio Sanz groomed and sexually molested a 16-year-old girl at an SNL after-hours party. Jimmy Fallon also got into the act, drinking with the 16-year-old victim while also emailing and chatting up another minor — aged 15. They have been named in a new lawsuit that also seeks damages from Saturday Night Live Studios and NBC Universal. More from The Quartering.

Want the full details of the case? Here, Jamie Dlux draws from the filings for the case to give us clear evidence of what happened. It wasn’t merely a sexually inappropriate Horatio Sanz who crossed the line, but also the executives of Saturday Night Live, including its creator Lorne Michaels and longtime producer Michael Shoemaker.

This incident brings to mind the old Family Guy episode called Don’t Make Me Over, in which Meg gets a new makeover and transforms into a sexy pop singer. She makes a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live and is deflowered by Jimmy Fallon. Peter Griffin beats Fallon to a pulp for taking advantage of the child.

Psyence 101

Comedian Jim Breuer pays homage to Anthony Fauci and his call for everyone to heed “psyence.” Breuer served as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1995 until 1998. Here he is giving a show earlier this year in Austin, Texas.

More from Jamie Dlux, drawing a comparison to the shenanigans surrounding AIDs. Will Fauci eventually become known as this generation’s closest parallel to Bernie Madoff?

Ratings Crash For Woke SNL

Saturday Night Life got a temporary ratings boost when it hired the controversial and spacey industrialist Elon Musk as guest host. But only a week later, SNL has sunk to new record lows.

Viewers are no longer watching the boring, half-century-old show. We’ve not only had it with the format, but the snide personalities, the woke Leftist politics and all the predictable propaganda. Time to trash SNL. For that matter, pretty much all of NBC could go down the tubes without anyone missing a beat. More from The Salty Cracker.



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