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Witchcraft: A Modern Wrinkle

Modern witchcraft! Salem witch trials! Marina Abramovic! Samhain! McAllister TV and TRUreporting discuss the gory details on this episode of Beyond The Headlines.

Is The Internet Alive?

Here is the latest installment of Beyond The Headlines from McAllister TV and TRUreporting, bringing together Thomas and Linda Paris In this episode, they delve into the Internet. Is it alive? Can machines comes to live? What is it with black goo and programmable matter? How about Sophia or organic AI robots? Was ARPA the first Internet? Where did the Internet come from?

Black Forest Hunting Parties!

TRUreprting and McAllister TV explore the hideous legacy of the Rothschild family and their Black Forest hunting parties in this edition of Beyond the Headlines. The Rothschilds and their rich hunting buddies didn’t go after trophy deer but young children turned loose in the forests. Tales of Hansel and Gretel, The Pied Piper and other Middle Age legends and nursery rhymes echo these sordid affairs. Also discussed here: Jimmy Savile, The Queen, errant popes and the Nazi Bell, plus talk of UFOs.


The Lost City Of Atlantis

McAllister TV and TRUreporting collaborate on a new edition of Beyond the headlines, this time focusing on the whereabouts of the legendary lost city of Atlantis.

Dark Secrets: Their Plan Is Sick!

Magnetism, brain blood clots, nanotech and more. Their plan is sick! More from And We Know.

My grandmother worked for NASA for 40 years. She tells why space should remain unexplored. More on the moon church from TRUreporting and McAllister TV in this special edition of Beyond The Headlines. Also, a Deep State takedown. Potus speech clues.

Mystery Of The Crystal Skulls

Here’s another Beyond the headlines episodes from TRUreporting and McAllister TV. Today’s topic: The mystery of the Crystal Skulls! Who created them? Where did they come from? What kind of technology was used? The more you know, the more surreal it gets! Remember: Everything is connected!


The Deadly 33rd Parallel

What is it above the 33rd parallel that makes it a deadly demarcation? Dallas, site of the JFK assassination, lies along the 33rd parallel. The assassination itself occurred on November 22, 1963. November being the 11th month and 22 added together produce 33 once again.

What else can be found along the 33rd parallel? How about the two Japanese cities — Hiroshima and Nagasaki — firebombed by nuclear blasts during World War II.

The bulk of the Death Row penitentiaries in the American South dot this parallel, as does the largest Free Mason temples, a secret sect whose degrees run up to the 33rd level.

You can say talk of ley lines is farcical, but this is also the parallel where the fallen angels supposedly came to Earth. To this day, this is the site where Hamas attacks Israel from the hills surrounding Mount Hermon. This is also the latitude where the secretive Georgia Guidestones can be found.

Here, Linda Paris from McAllister TV joins Thomas from TRUreporting in a Beyond the Headlines discussion of the mysteries of the 33rd parallel. They also delve into the theories of Ryushin Malone, whose wild alien theories we presented Sunday. There’s talk of Orion lines and the proposition that WWII was nothing but an adrenochrome harvest.

The Path Of The Skinwalker

Skinwalker Ranch: A place that was described by the Apache, Navajo and other Native American tribes in the area as forbidden because it was…”in the PATH of the ‘Skinwalker’.”

Practically every paranormal activity you can imagine has taken place here in this spot. Is it ONE malevolent entity, or is there a portal to many different dimensions located somewhere on this 500 acres of land, located east of Salt Lake City in Utah’s Uintah County, along the border with Colorado?

Hear stories about crytids, UFOs, cattle mutilations, poltergeists, wormholes and more from McAllister TV and TRUreporting in a new episode of Beyond the Headlines.

Vril Society And German Cults

The Vril Society was an inner column of psychics who helped to guide the Nazis. As far as we can tell — and factual knowledge is scare — these psychics were all long-haired women, working to restore Germany after its defeat in WWII. They came together to form the Vril in 1919.

This is the premiere episode of a new series — Beyond the Headlines — bringing together two of our favorite content creators — Linda Paris from McAllister TV and Thomas from TRUreporting.

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